Online Graduate Degree IN International Business: Program Options

Dec 03, 2019

Learn about online master's and doctoral degrees with international business courses. Get an overview of the program types, requirements and course descriptions available for this field.

Essential Information

International business can be studied at the graduate level as a concentration through Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree programs. Online programs are available at both levels, although MBA programs are more widely available. MBA programs mainly provide practical professional business skills training, while DBA programs are research intensive and academic in nature.

In some cases, coursework for distance learning international business programs may be completed fully online. Some schools offer opportunities for students to complete fieldwork, internships and/or study abroad programs to get hands-on experience working in a global business market.

Master of Business Administration in International Business

Through this online program, students acquire an understanding of how businesses work in different cultures and how the international business realm differs from the domestic. Students study legal international business practices and specific techniques for marketing, financing and managing businesses that operate internationally. Students can choose a degree program in international business or one in business administration with a concentration in international business. Both options require a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. There are several options available to students who would like to earn an online master's degree in international business.

Program Information and Requirements

Although each online program has different time requirements, master's programs can take as little as 10-18 months to complete. While there may not be any on-campus requirements, students may have the option to complete a field experience or an internship. Students can choose from programs where they complete the courses entirely at their own pace or programs where they complete assignments with scheduled deadlines. For both program types, students log onto the web-based educational server to watch lectures, study professor's notes and complete assignments online.

Students must have a computer and reliable Internet access in order to complete online master's degree programs. They also need word processor software, such as Microsoft Office, and a media player.

Course Topics

Online master's degree programs in international business typically have students complete leadership and strategic courses.

Business Ethics

Students taking this course examine ethical business practices and modern-day business problems in order to develop ethical solutions.

Legal Strategies in International Business

This course offers students the opportunity to explore legal business options in the international business realm. Topics include transportation, taxation, labor laws and financing.

Global Marketing

Students study techniques used to market products on an international level. They examine how cultural differences and trade regulations affect marketing strategies.

Doctor of Business Administration with an Emphasis in International Business

Through the online doctoral program in international business, students research the techniques and strategies employed in successful international businesses. They study international law, marketing concepts, strategic planning and business management. Students should have a background in business and at least a master's degree to be accepted into the program. The program is research-intensive, and students examine international business principles and ways to improve the field. There are only a few online doctoral degree programs available in international business.

Program Information and Requirements

Most online doctoral programs are available completely online; however, students may need to present a thesis to professors on-campus.

The program allows students to complete the courses on their own time, without adhering to schedules imposed by professors. They access courses through the university's web-based server, where they follow lessons, complete coursework and can interact with classmates and professors.

Students need a computer and a reliable Internet connection to complete courses. They may also need to purchase specialized software programs and textbooks for specific courses.

Course Topics

Although this degree program does not require general education courses, students do take core business courses and classes specific to the international business concentration.

Strategic Management in International Business

Students research means and methods to enhance a company's marketing ability. They identify problems within the field of international business to provide business leaders with solutions for problems that arise, such as meeting a business' financial needs.

International Business Quality Management

Through this course, individuals examine a manager's job in the field of international business. Students analyze their abilities to enhance international growth in technology and business.

International Business Environments

In this course, international business students examine concepts in global business around the world. They study various business issues and develop realistic solutions that can be presented to international business managers.

Career Information

Upon completion of this online degree program, students are eligible for many business-related careers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals with a MBA are eligible for positions as top business executives or management analysts ( In 2018, the median annual salary for management analysts was $83,610, and for top executives it was $189,600. The demand for management analysts is expected to grow by 14% between 2018-2028, which is faster than the average career.

With an online doctorate degree in international business, students can become professors of international business, work as consultants or perform research. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for university professors of business in 2018 was $83,960.

Depending on a student's educational background and career goals, both MBA and doctoral program in international business are available online, though more commonly available at the master's level. Students who wish to apply their skills in the workplace may wish to pursue MBAs, while those who want to focus on research should look into doctoral degrees.

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