Online Histotechnology Courses and Classes Overview

Online histology courses usually fulfill some of the requirements for clinical health degree and certificate programs. Some programs are geared toward individuals employed in a professional capacity at a medical laboratory. These courses are often offered at 2-year colleges in an online format, with on-campus laboratory components.

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Online Courses in Histotechnology

Below are some of the online histology courses available to students through degree and certificate programs in medical laboratory technology and similar areas.

  • Basic Histotechnology Course: This course introduces histotechnology as a working discipline by detailing tissue preparation procedures, essential microscope techniques and documentation protocols. It also examines the role of the laboratory technician, describes professional working relationships and defines reporting structures.
  • Medical Terminology Course: Students learn to communicate effectively with doctors, nurses and pathologists by using the proper words, phrases, syntax and abbreviations for muscle, glandular, circulatory, connective and organ systems. In addition, attendees identify specific microscopic organisms and use the correct terminology for laboratory equipment and its component parts.
  • Laboratory Techniques Course: Students prepare cultures to research, isolate and identify various microorganisms. They sterilize, select, slice and stain slides to study in microscopes, centrifuges and ovens. They also report results and coordinate with other healthcare professionals to evaluate findings. In addition, participants discover and practice laboratory safety procedures.
  • Technical Writing for Laboratory Technicians Course: Lessons cover essential principles of vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar and composition to enable technicians to research, craft and create reports, memorandums, presentations and other medical documentation. It also develops critical-thinking, proofreading and editing skills.
  • Immunohistochemistry Course: The focus of this class is on enzyme and immune reactions that cause tissue staining. Basic and special staining will be covered, as well as the study of antibodies, tissue handling, processing, record keeping, and other methods in immunohistochemistry.
  • Clinical Chemistry Course: In this course, students learn about the fundamentals of analytical and biochemistry and how they can be used for the evaluation of histological specimens and other biological samples. The curriculum also covers clinical chemistry instrumentation.
  • Pathogenic Microbiology Course: This course introduced students to the microorganisms that they could encounter in histological specimens. Topics of study include bacteria, clinical mycology, virology and parasitology.

Program Information

Online histotechnology classes satisfy requirements for some 2-year degrees like the Associate of Science in Histotechnology or Associate of Applied Science or Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology. Shorter certificate programs in histotechnology are also available. Classes prepare students to take tissue samples, prepare slides, analyze specimens and report results to doctors, nurses, pathologists and patients. Online courses make extensive use of medical diagrams, photographs and drawings. In-person laboratory work is required to complete some distance-education classes; how these practical experiences are arranged and approved varies by class and school.

Through online coursework, students can learn about the science that underpins histotechnology, and they can build skills that are important for all medical professionals by taking more general courses.

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