Online Jewelry Making Classes Overview

Jewelry Making Classes Online

The descriptions below detail some commonly offered online jewelry making classes.

  • Jewelry & Fashion Course: Students learn what it takes to be successful in the jewelry industry by creating fashionable pieces of jewelry and accessories. Classes cover filing, casting, soldering, texturing, fabrication and stone setting techniques. Students may also study etching and chain making and learn how to create multiple pieces.
  • Jewelry/Metal Arts Course: This class teaches students the process of using ferrous and non-ferrous precious metals to create sculptures and jewelry pieces. Students study various topics used in metal arts and jewelry making, including mold making, stone setting, enameling and using hydraulic press dies and oxyacetylene torches.
  • Colored Stone Essentials Course: Students in this class receive an introduction to colored stones with emphasis on rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Course topics include determining a stone's value by its color, learning each stone's characteristic and analyzing how clarity, color, carat weight and cut affect the value.
  • Ring Sizing Course: When purchasing jewelry, nothing is as important as getting the perfect fit, and this class teaches students how to determine the correct fit using a band sizer and sizing gauge. Students also learn about removing blemishes and pits, downsizing and setting different ring types, such as stone set rings or patterned bands.
  • History of Jewelry and Precious Metals Course: Students learn the history of jewelry, including how it was used to signify authority in the past. This class teaches students about metals used in jewelry and coins, different uses of platinum and testing silver and gold for impurities. Students may also learn the processes associated with preparing raw metal ore for use in jewelry creation.
  • Innovative Materials Course: In this advanced course, students will experiment with less common materials in jewelry making such as wood, rubber, cement and more, building on existing metalwork and crafting skills. Students will be introduced to modern techniques of construction that will diversify their portfolio with inventive designs.
  • Bench Jeweler's Tools Course: This course is an introduction to the tools and procedures used by bench jewelers. Covered topics include how to put together a portable work area and properly saw, drill and file jewelry items. Some of the tools students learn about may include flexible shaft machines, anvils, pliers, mandrels, hammers and magnifiers.
  • Mold Making Course: This course teaches students how to make unique jewelry pieces using molds. Students will learn to work with both rubber and liquid silicone in molds. Other topics covered may include creating reproductions with wax, electroplating and the pros and cons of molding.

Program Information

Jewelry making classes are offered at many colleges and vocational schools through an online or distance learning program. Students enrolled in online jewelry making classes can earn credits that may be used towards diplomas or degrees, including the Associate of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). Students who earn a degree in the field may find career opportunities in jewelry stores or start a business in jewelry design and repair. In addition to a computer with high-speed Internet, students taking online jewelry making classes may need a high-quality monitor in order to see the finest details in jewelry making images and videos. For some courses, students may also need jewelry making tools and materials to complete assignments and practice techniques.

Those interested in jewelry making, whether to earn a degree or dabble in as a hobby, can find classes online at several colleges and vocational schools throughout the country. While they can learn online, they may need to invest in tools and/or equipment in order to actually make the jewelry.

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