Online Military History Degrees by Program Level

May 26, 2021

Essential Information

Many schools offer online degree programs in military history at the associate's and master's levels. Often, these programs can be completed entirely through distance education.

An associate's degree program in military history gives a student a foundation to pursue a bachelor's degree, although some teaching opportunities may be available with an associate's degree. Associate's-level students must complete general education courses in topics such as mathematics, science and English composition. They may be able to choose courses such as foreign policy or world politics that will help them in their study of history.

In a master's degree program, students explore military theory and probe the controversies regarding military operations throughout history. They develop their research and writing skills, and most programs require a thesis. Students who intend to teach after obtaining their degree should look at their state's requirements for issuing a teaching license.

Associate's Degree in Military History

An online associate's degree in military history can be completed entirely over the Internet. Students in associate's degree programs learn about historical perspectives, political science and foreign policy. This type of degree program can typically be completed in two years.

Program and Requirements Information

Students who are interested in pursuing an online associate's degree in military history will need access to the Internet and a computer that meets the minimum hardware and browser requirements. Requirements may include an up-to-date operating system and the latest version of Safari or Internet Explorer.

Course Topics

Coursework in an online associate's degree in military history includes general education courses, such as English and math, in addition to electives that are offered in a variety of subjects.

Coursework is typically delivered through an online content management system like Blackboard or WebCT, where students can view lectures and assignments, along with having the ability to interact with instructors and classmates via message boards.

World Politics

A world politics course covers trends found in politics throughout history. Coursework may examine topics that include religion in politics, economic changes, the effects of a global economy and human rights.

American Foreign Policy

This course examines the influences that have shaped U.S. foreign policy. Topics cover problems with policies, the development of foreign policies and the effect of foreign policy on the economy and the military.

War and Civilization

A course covering war and civilization explores how security and policy development are affected by warfare, violence and peace. Studies adopt a global perspective to examine the additional effects on society and technology.

American Military History

A course in American military history teaches students about the development of the American military, while considering the tactical, strategic and operational strategies that were used. The course also looks at different wars through time, including the Vietnam War and World War II.

Foreign Relations

International policies, nationalism, sovereignty and conflict resolution are part of the curriculum of a course on foreign relations. Students may look at case studies and current-events.

Master's Degree in Military History

Online graduate degrees in military history teach students about the theories and debates about both American and non-western warfare throughout history.

Program and Requirements Information

Coursework for a master's degree program generally can be completed entirely online. The length of study depends on whether students attend classes full-time, but these programs typically take two years to complete.

Individuals who are interested in pursuing an online master's degree in military history need a computer and access to the Internet. In addition, they may need to meet specific hardware, software or browser requirements.

Course Topics

Coursework covers graduate level research and analytical skills, writing, social and economic issues and historical interpretations of events. Students may also be required to complete a thesis.

Coursework is typically delivered using an online content management system through the school's website where students can interact with peers and instructors, in addition to viewing lectures and assignments.

Military History

A course in military history provides a broad overview of the historiography and methodology used to study history. Topics cover research methods, historical interpretations and objectivity, among other concepts.

Western Warfare

Students examine the American and European military through the 20th century. Coursework includes views of different historians, in addition to comparing and contrasting Western warfare with tactics used by other nations.

American Military History

In this course, students investigate the development of the U.S. military and its policies dating back to the colonial era. Additional topics include the examination of different wars throughout history with a focus on America's role and military relations.

Military Theories

Students are introduced to prominent military strategists throughout history. They also discuss theories of deterrence and revolutionary warfare.

Race and Gender Issues

A race and gender issues course examines issues in military institutions that involve race, ethnicity and citizenship. One focus of the course is the role of women in warfare throughout history.

Career Information

Graduates of an online master's degree in military history are prepared for a number of careers, such as teachers, researchers, historians or archivists. Career opportunities for those who go into teaching at the post-secondary level are expected to grow quickly, at a rate of 9% from 2019-2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Archivists and curators are also expected to see growth in the field, with career opportunities increasing at rates of 8% and 13%, respectively, over the same time period. Salaries for graduates vary depending on their choice of jobs. As of May 2020, the median salary for college history professors was $76,890, while the median salary for archivists was $56,760 (

Continuing Education Information

Graduates of an online associate's degree in military history can go on to pursue bachelor's degrees in history or another field, such as education. Graduates who want to pursue careers as teachers need to obtain licensure, although some private schools do not require a bachelor's degree or licensure.

A common career choice for graduates of a master's degree in military history is teaching at the post-secondary level. Opportunities for advancement exist for tenured instructors to move into administrative positions. Graduates can also go on to pursue doctoral degrees in history or a related field.

To summarize, associate's degree programs in military history provide a broad introduction to the field alongside general education courses. By pursuing a master's degree, students are exposed to more advanced concepts in the field and, in some cases, write a thesis in a particular interest area.

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