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Online Courses in Molecular Biology

The following descriptions are for commonly offered online molecular biology courses.

  • Introductory Molecular Biology Course: This course is usually offered at the undergraduate level and is meant as an overview of the applications of molecular biology. Topics discussed include chromosome structure, DNA replication and gene expression.
  • Genetics and Molecular Biology Course: Genetics seeks to understand the inheritance and the variation of traits in organisms. This type of course examines the means of genetic inheritance in prokaryotes (organisms without cell nuclei) and eukaryotes (organisms with cell nuclei).
  • Computational Molecular Biology Course: This graduate course discusses proteins, protein sequences and genomes, exploring how tools like databases and pattern matching can be used to study them. A course of this nature is geared not only toward those students who are studying molecular biology, but also toward students pursuing advanced degrees in computer science.
  • Molecular Genetics Course: Students in this course study modern genetic science, particularly examining human diseases, in order to comprehend the variation of traits. Discussion also covers the ethical dilemmas of genomic research.
  • Molecular Foundations of Pharmacology Course: Here, cell receptors are explored, as well as the pharmacological elements that can affect receptor functions. Drugs that affect enzymes are also discussed. Students should be familiar with receptor binding and enzyme kinetics to enroll in this advanced online course.
  • Translational Bioinformatics Course: Students explore how biological data is transformed and used in real-world clinical applications. Students should be familiar with statistics before enrolling.
  • Photosynthesis Course In this course, students examine the biological, chemical and physical processes that are associated with photosynthesis. Among various topics, students will study the photochemistry of photons, the work of electrons in a plant during photosynthesis and chemical reactions involving ATP, carbon dioxide and plant carbohydrates.
  • Biological Bases of Learning and Memory Course: Lessons here look at the biology of the human brain with regard to its molecular processes. Topics include how learning and memory are shaped by alterations in neural tissues via observable physiological and biochemical processes and modern techniques in neuroscience relating to the study of memories.

Program Information

Molecular biology is used in the study of genetics, pharmacology and cell systems. Degree programs that include the study of molecular biology include online undergraduate and graduate programs in chemistry, biology, molecular biology and bioinformatics. Graduates can enter careers in genetics, computer science, medicine, research, bioinformatics and biochemistry. In addition to courses for degree-seekers, several institutions offer non-credit molecular biology courses to the public.

Online molecular biology courses are offered through individual classes, undergraduate certificates, and bachelor's and master's degrees. Coursework includes topics like genetics, bioinformatics and photosynthesis.

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