Online Music Production Class and Course Overviews

Online Courses in Music Production

The following are some of the more commonly offered online music production courses.

  • Introductory Music Production Course: This course teaches students the basics of setting up a home production studio and using a variety of equipment, from microphones to speakers. Basic elements of music, including composition and songwriting, are also addressed in the course.
  • Music Production for Media Course: Students explore music production in the advertising and branding arenas. Some professors assign advertising campaigns or market jingles as a project. Students learn to compose music utilizing their at-home studio and software programs. Topics cover the music video and film industries and introduce students to the synchronization of video and audio.
  • Audio Mixing Course: This course teaches students to mix audio using traditional and modern digital audio workstation techniques. Topics focus on training the students' ear to identify different instruments and ranges to better blend music. This course may also cover different types of music editing and surround sound. Audio mixing may be aimed at beginning or advanced students and taught through CDs or streaming audio.
  • Audio Production Software Course: This course focuses on the different types of audio production software. Students learn skills in editing and post-production. Lessons may focus exclusively on ProTools, Abelton Live, MIDI and other specific software.
  • Critical Listening Course: In this course, students will practice analyzing classic songs, and comparing various mixing styles in order to identify key components of the mix, from frequency range to width and depth and other dynamic changes. Students will gain listening skills necessary to identify myriad types of distortion, and to recognize the sound of specific instruments down to their brand.
  • Composing and Producing Electronic Music Course: In this course, students will explore the various styles of making electronic music. Topics include drum and bass, electro, dub, trance, techno and house music.
  • Recording and Producing in a Home Studio Course: This course will help students to learn about recording their own demos and self-producing. Recording techniques for mixing and mastering will be covered, including sound quality and how to improve it.

Program Information

Coursework in music production encompasses composition, ear training, music mixing, recording and the use of various types of equipment and software for music production. Students also learn about the business side of music, such as advertising and producing. These courses prepare students for careers as recording artists, music producers, songwriters, sound designers, music editors, or composers. Courses are offered via standalone classes, certificates, and bachelor's and master's degrees.

Since many courses focus on teaching students specific types of music production software, students are often required to purchase the software, in addition to a special keyboard controller. Peripheral equipment such as headphones and a microphone are sometimes required, depending on the class. Some courses are offered in a hybrid format, which requires students to complete in-class laboratory work.

Online music production classes are offered through individual courses, certificates, and bachelor's and master's degrees. Areas of study include digital recording, electronic music and critical listening.

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