Online Optometry Courses and Classes Overview

Jan 02, 2019

A number of medical schools offer online optometry courses through their continuing education departments; such classes are typically designed for individuals who already hold a Doctor of Optometry degree. Courses are available in a stand-alone format and may result in a certificate.

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Online Courses in Optometry

The following course summaries provide a sampling of some commonly offered online optometry courses:

  • Ethics and Optometric Laws Course: Students learn about substance abuse disorders and how to identify addiction along with treatment strategies. They review state laws and ethical issues in optometry and keep current with changes in policies.
  • Oral Medications in Eye Care Course: This course covers some uncommon eye disorders, such as herpetic eye disease, which require oral medication for treatment. Students examine case studies in order to understand the effects of a disorder and possible treatment strategies. Lessons inform students on the prescription of oral medications that are commonly used in optometry.
  • Glaucoma Course: Glaucoma refers to a class of ocular disorders that gradually lead to vision loss. In this course, students use progression software to examine case studies in order to diagnose and interpret visual field defects in glaucoma. They also review the many different presentations of glaucoma to increase familiarity identifying the disease.
  • Optometric Laser Surgery Course: Lasers are used to treat many eye diseases and conditions. This course explores various laser procedures and techniques, such as Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty and Iridoplasty. It also discusses postoperative complications.
  • Ophthalmic Emergencies Course: Students will review ways to diagnose and treat ophthalmic emergencies including burns, blunt trauma, and hyphema.
  • Espiscleritis Course: In this course, optometrists learn about diagnostic methods and treatment options for patients with episcleritis. They gain experience recognizing episcleritis rather than closely related red eye conditions like scleritis.
  • Diabetic Keratopathy course: This course introduces optometrists to the way that diabetes affects the eye, especially the cornea. Students learn about clinical symptoms of patients with diabetic keratopathy as well as potential complications of the condition.

Program Information

Optometry is a branch of medicine that focuses on the eye and vision disorders. After earning the necessary undergraduate credits, aspiring optometrists enroll in a four-year program to earn a Doctor of Optometry (OD) credential. Many students complete a one-year residency after completing their OD degree.

Those levels of optometry studies are not available online; however, online courses can be an option for established practitioners who need continuing education credits to meet state regulatory medical licensing board requirements. In addition to an updated computer and internet access, students taking online optometry courses may need specific software programs to view course materials, such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Experienced optometrists can increase their expertise and earn continuing education credits by completing online courses in specialized topics related to the practice of eye care.

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