Online Organic Chemistry Course Overviews

Online classes in organic chemistry do exist but are not widely available because in-person or on-campus laboratory experimentation is an important part of the learning experience for this field. Some schools also provide classes useful to students seeking chemistry degrees or needing to fill core curriculum requirements in science. Classes to train science teachers are also available.

Online Courses in Organic Chemistry

Below are some of the organic chemistry courses that students can take online.

  • Beginning Organic Chemistry for Non-Science Majors Course: This course presents the developmental history of organic chemistry and reviews the terminology for the structure and bonding of carbon compounds. The differences between organic and inorganic chemistry are also highlighted.
  • Organic Chemistry for Chemistry Majors Course: Students in this course learn the principles controlling the structure, bonding and reactions of covalent carbon compounds. The synthesis of organic compounds is also studied, as are the principles of stereochemistry, aromaticity and spectroscopy.
  • Organometallic Chemistry Course: This course teaches the mechanics of carbon-bonded metallic compounds, structural principles of organotransitional metal alloys and their applications to organic synthesis. Reactive properties such as the 18-electron rule and carbon-hydrogen bonding are also presented.
  • Teaching Organic Chemistry Course: Students in this course prepare to teach high school and college classes and laboratories. The major texts are surveyed and the students learn safe and effective laboratory techniques. Practice teaching is also a part of this class.
  • Organic Polymer Science I Course: This course delves into the field of synthetic organic polymers. Students learn polymer nomenclature and acquire a basic understanding of polymer characteristics, synthesis and reactions.
  • Advanced Organic Chemistry Course: In this course, students will examine the concepts associated with the function of organic reactions. Special emphasis is placed on topics like free radicals, isotopes and their effects and the theory of molecular orbit.
  • Organic Structure Course: This course will explore the structures of organic molecules via modern methodologies. Chemical properties will be addressed in addition to data interpretation.

Program Information

Online organic chemistry classes may be included in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Online classes related to organic chemistry may also be offered in master's degree programs in chemistry, materials Chemistry, and chemical and life sciences programs. A handful of schools offer online certificates in specialty areas, such as inorganic and organic material or organic material synthesis. Some organic chemistry courses are also available online in a standalone format.

Interested students who want to study online organic chemistry courses can do so though individual courses as well as through bachelor's and master's degree programs. Coursework will cover topics like organic polymer science, teaching organic chemistry and advanced organic chemistry.

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