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Essential Information

Business degrees in organizational management are available completely online at the bachelor's degree level, though hybrid programs that require on-campus electives are also offered. A similar degree program is organizational leadership.

Most of the coursework at the master's and doctoral levels can be executed online, but these programs may have requirements that can only be completed on-site. For example, master's degree programs often include a short residency, whereas doctoral programs require attendance at seminars and conferences as well as teaching assistantships. For students applying to doctoral programs, they should already have a master's degree and some work experience.

In addition to earning a degree in organizational management, several schools offer continuing education programs in organizational management. Graduate certificate programs can be taken to supplement an existing graduate degree or as a means of expanding subject knowledge after obtaining a bachelor's degree.

Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Management

An online Bachelor of Science program in Organizational Management teaches students about running organizations, managing change, making decisions and being a leader in the workplace. Some programs allow students to work at an accelerated pace, accepting general education credits from other schools and granting credit for work experience.

Program Information and Requirements

Depending on prior education and work experience, earning a bachelor's degree in organizational management can take between 13 months and four years to complete. Often, the program is offered in accelerated format, and in many cases students can earn the degree entirely online; however, some programs require certain electives to be completed on-campus.

Students use Internet-based tools like chat programs, video software and message boards to interact with classmates, view recorded lectures and communicate with teachers. A high-speed Internet connection and the ability to view streaming video are necessary for most programs.

Course Topics

The courses required in an online bachelor's degree program in organizational management prepare students to become business leaders. Many programs require general education courses and electives in the arts and sciences.


Students in an introductory management course learn about the various structures of organizations and the theories, principles and methods of managing business operations. The course also discusses decision making, conflict resolution and business production.

Organizational Behavior

A course in organizational behavior familiarizes organization management students with the effects of individuals' behavior on business productivity. Through role-playing and reading, students learn how to resolve conflicts and manage group dynamics to create a functional workplace.

Human Resource Management

Organizational management bachelor's degree students can complete a human resource management course to learn about regulations and policies regarding hiring, training and compensating employees. Non-discrimination and equal opportunity laws are discussed, and students learn about negotiating with unions and individual hires.

Master's Degree in Organizational Management

Students in an online Master of Science program in organizational management learn about organizational change, business ethics and personnel management. Often, online organizational management master's degree programs are designed for students who have business experience and wish to apply their education to their current job. Concentrations in human resources and project management are offered in some programs.

Program Information and Requirements

Online master's degrees in organizational management are often offered on an accelerated schedule. Students collaborate with classmates and engage in group discussion via message boards and chat programs. Though students can often complete all coursework online, some programs require a short in-person session.

Course Topics

Human Resources

A human resources course covers the rules, regulations and strategies involved in hiring, training, compensating and managing a company's employees. Students learn how to utilize human capital to meet their organization's needs.

Organizational Change

In an organizational change course, students learn about leading through changes in a business or group's culture and structure. Theories of research and organizational development are discussed.

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Ph.D. in Organizational Management

Students enrolled in an online Ph.D. program learn how to become leaders in their field and to enhance their organization's productivity with new research and methods.

To gain acceptance to a Ph.D. program, applicants generally must hold a master's degree in business or management and have some work experience. The application also usually requires letters of recommendation, a resume and test scores.

Program Information and Requirements

Students are required to view lectures, respond to class discussions and complete their homework on their schedule, and schools often include access to online research tools and technical support. Some programs require in-person work such as teaching, residences and seminars. A dissertation and defense is a common requirement, and students are usually expected to complete the dissertation within 12 months of finishing the other coursework.

Depending on the school, most students enrolled in an online Ph.D. organizational management program need a computer loaded with the Microsoft Office suite, a sound card and video viewing capabilities. Some individual courses might require additional software or hardware.

Course Topics

Some schools offer organizational management Ph.D. students courses in research practices to teach them the skills necessary to complete the high level of work required in their coursework. Students will be expected to research, investigate and study ideas, theories, methods and structures of organizations, and they are trained to apply their knowledge to their current or future organization.

Management Philosophy

A management philosophy course discusses the history of management and the time-specific theories of management. Students analyze patterns of management theory and assess outcomes.


Organizational management Ph.D. students in an ethics course examine and discuss their role in society, the impact of their business and their responsibility to impacted communities. Students also learn about laws, regulations and community involvement.


A technology course for organizational management Ph.D. candidates discusses the role of technology in an organization and the effect it has on the organization's structure. Students also learn how to assess the effectiveness of technology in their organization.

Career Information

Graduates of an online bachelor's degree program in organizational management possess the skills to work in a variety of careers, including human resources, executives and supervisors. As of November 2016, organizational management bachelor's degree-holders in the first four years of their career make a median wage of about $54,622, and those with 10-19 years of experience earn a median of $62,000, according to

Individuals with a master's degree in organizational management and comparable experience of 10-19 years earned median salaries of $83,500 per year as of November 2016 figures on

Students interested in becoming a specialist, such as an IT director or a human resources manager, might consider finding a program that offers concentrations in their field, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It projects the human resources field to grow at a faster than average rate of 9% between 2014 and 2024 (

Though little specific career information is available for those who hold a Ph.D. in organizational management, reported that many graduates of doctoral business programs work in academia. The BLS says that graduates of a Ph.D. program in management find work as consultants, teachers and writers. According to, median salaries for those with a Ph.D. in Business Administration, a related degree, varied by industry. Those working for colleges and universities earned a median of about $191,000 per year.

Continuing Education Information

A variety of professional organizations offer certifications and continuing education resources for management professionals. The HR Certification Institute offers human resources professionals certification, re-certification and exam preparation assistance. The American Management Association provides online training, on-site seminars and networking opportunities for management professionals.

Some online programs, especially master's and doctoral programs, include internships, seminars and role-playing exercises as part of required or elective in-person sessions. Students can also receive training from organizational management professional organizations, which often offer online training options.

There are a number of options for students wanting to pursue degrees in organizational management, including bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, all of which can open doors to a variety of human resources and management positions. Students can also pursue professional certifications after graduation.

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