Online Plumbing Courses and Certificate Programs

Though rare, online plumbing programs can be found at some institutions. These career diplomas are appropriate for people who want to learn the basic skills needed to work in the plumbing field.

Online Courses in Plumbing

Below are brief outlines of some of the plumbing courses that can be found online.

  • Pipefitting Course: In this course, students learn about the different types of fixtures and fittings used in plumbing, such as copper, steel, cast-iron and plastic. Students may study the installation and testing of fittings, as well as applications of valves. The use of mathematics in plumbing is also considered.
  • Plumbing Tools and Safety Practices Course: An important part of plumbing is learning the necessary protocols to do the work safely. Students learn about power tools, welding techniques and the safety tools that help with proper and safe installation, repair, removal and testing of pipes and other plumbing fixtures. By the end of this course, students should be able to name all of the tools used in the plumbing field, their purposes and any associated safety precautions.
  • Stormwater and Septic Installation Course: This course covers the basic functions of wastewater removal plumbing. Students learn about venting, waste and vent stacks, drainage, sump pump usage and window wells. Through readings and diagrams followed by online testing, students learn about the importance of plumbing in sewage and stormwater drainage.
  • Blueprint Reading Course: Any construction or engineering student must understand how to read blueprints and identify parts and changes. Through online lectures and diagrams, students learn how to draw and read blueprints for construction purposes. This course will also provide plumbing students with an understanding of pipe layout and teach them how to interpret an architect's scale and recognize the symbols and terminology on blueprints.
  • Plumbing Codes Course: The primary focus of this course is understanding the regulations plumbers must follow, as well as the terminology used on the job and for obtaining permits. Students learn the basic procedures for organizing and executing a plumbing job, from visualization to completion, in accordance with the appropriate plumbing codes.
  • Technical Aspects Course: This courses examines the technical talents that all plumbers must have in order to be effective. In addition to their knowledge of plumbing system, plumbing professionals must also have some science and math skills, and this course provides a refresher on these topics.
  • Introduction to Water Distribution Systems Course: The functions and major components of water distribution systems will be examined in this course. Water treatment and sources will also be covered.
  • Business Principles for Plumbers Course: This course will help students to learn about important practices for maintaining a successful business in plumbing. Topics include organization, cost control and project estimating.

Program Information

Few schools offer programs exclusively for plumbing; most schools will combine plumbing with a similar trade, normally gas or heating, to form a new program. Some schools also offer plumbing courses within engineering and construction programs. Though online courses can be difficult to find, they are available. Through online modules and tests, students learn how to read blueprints, work with plumbing fixtures and pipes, understand the differences between plumbing systems, and use proper safety procedures. These courses are typically offered through individual modules or standalone classes, though some online diploma and associate's degree programs are available.

Many online plumbing courses are available as individual, standalone courses, though some diploma and 2-year degree programs in plumbing technology can be found online. You'll study water distribution systems, pipefitting and safety procedures, among other topics.

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