Online Pre-Law Courses and Classes Overview

Nov 29, 2017

Aspiring law students can earn degrees in any field, and thus there are a wide variety of courses available online. Specific law-related courses at the undergraduate level, along with courses in other disciplines that are helpful include criminal justice, history, philosophy and political science.

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Online Courses for Pre-Law Students

There are many courses that aspiring lawyers can take online. Here are a few of the online courses that deal specifically with law, as well as those that are recommended in other subjects.

  • Legal Communication Course: This course helps students gain an understanding of the principles guiding effective legal communications. Methods for retrieving, evaluating and integrating research are discussed along with the purposes, defining attributes and background research required for various forms of legal communication. Tactics used to mediate, persuade, negotiate and resolve conflicts are also considered as students begin to apply concepts learned to communicate their ideas clearly, concisely and effectively.
  • Philosophy and the Law Course: This course examines the nature of legal reasoning and analyzes the intersection of morality and the law. Students examine the origins of ethical principles and consider the role of reason in making ethical decisions. Moral standards that regulate ideas of right and wrong are also discussed in terms of how they inform judgments of behavior and justifications for punishment. The course features a survey of historical and contemporary issues that involve the legal enforcement of morality.
  • Intro to Constitutional Law Course: Students in this class examine the freedoms and rights that the U.S. Constitution guarantees to citizens, as well as the powers it bestows and the limits it imposes upon the judicial, legislative and executive branches of government. The role of the Supreme Court in conducting judicial reviews and the impact of changes brought about by landmark Supreme Court rulings are examined. Students are encouraged to explore the Constitution from different viewpoints as they consider both leading and alternative interpretations.
  • Psychology and the Law Course: This course considers how psychology can inform legal practices. Students discuss how an understanding of human mental processes and behaviors can aid in forming persuasive arguments and evaluating strengths and weaknesses of individuals. Students examine how psychology affects the reliability of eyewitness testimony, interrogation practices, the validity of confessions, and jury selection, as well as determinations of competence to stand trial.
  • Business Law Course: Business law courses cover a wide range of legal subjects related to business, including legal requirements related to employment, environmental issues, insurance, ethics, and contracts. Students will learn fundamental legal concepts and how the law is applied in a variety of business operations.
  • Literature Course: Students in a literature course read works of fiction, poetry and drama, and they write literary analysis essays that examine their themes and form.
  • Speech Course: In an online speech course, students learn about the process of speech writing for informational and persuasive purposes. The curriculum also includes recommendations for speech rehearsal and delivery.

Program Information

The American Bar Association encourages undergraduate students who intend to apply to law school to select a bachelor's level degree program that is challenging and diverse, but does not recommend a specific field. Various law-related courses are available online at the undergraduate level, as well as those in other disciplines that help students develop analytical, communication, research and problem-solving skills. Aspiring law students can also find LSAT preparatory courses online.

Undergraduates who want to enter law school in the future can take introductory courses in law-related topics, as well as general liberal arts classes that can prepare them for academic and career success.

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