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Essential Information

Microsoft introduced QBasic in 1991 to run under DOS (disk operating system); however, QBasic is no longer supported by Microsoft. Instead, Visual Basic is today's equivalent.

Though Microsoft stopped supporting QBasic in 1993, QBasic can be downloaded free from many sites on the Internet. In addition, various sites offer free tutorials in QBasic, and a few colleges have introductory courses in programming that use QBasic. Many 'hobbyist programmers' use it to write applications. However, QBasic does not handle graphics well if at all. It is not the ideal programming language to use with Windows.

One of Microsoft's successors to QBasic is Visual Basic, which is a better choice when writing applications for Windows. There are online courses available in this subject, which may be taken individually or as part of certificate programs. Prior to starting one of these courses or programs, students may need to purchase Visual Basic.

Visual Basic Programming Certificate

An undergraduate certificate program prepares students for entry-level programming jobs by instructing them in creating applications using Visual Basic. Students are often required to complete 12-18 credits, which may include courses in Visual Basic programming, algorithm design, problem solving and computer systems. They also may take classes in OO (object-orientated) programming, database concepts, Web design and Java programming. Graduates may become a Visual Basic developer, ASP (active server pages) programmer or client and server developer.

Program Information and Requirements

Students who choose online learning need a computer with virus protection, and they need to have basic computer skills. Some understanding of basic computer programming may also be helpful. The institution may or may not allow online students to access their on-campus computers, either remotely or by coming on campus. An online student may be required to purchase Visual Basic.

Course Topics

In addition to completing certificate programs, interested students may also be able to take stand-alone online courses in Visual Basic. These may be offered through community colleges and the continuing education departments of colleges and universities. Below are some course options that may be available via distance learning.

Intro to Visual Basic 6.0

Visual Basic 6.0 was introduced in 1998, and it is still used by many programmers. Students are taught to write applications in Visual Basic to run under Windows. Topics include controls, event-driven programming, functions and statements, looping statements, debugging, forms and variables.

Visual Basic.NET Programming

Course introduces students to using Visual Studio along with the basic concepts for using Visual Basic .NET to program. Students learn about object-oriented programming, exception handling, data types, syntax and classes among others topics.

Intro Visual Basic 2008

Visual Basic 2008 or Visual Basic 9.0 was shipped in 2007. (Latest version, Visual Basic 2010, was released in April 2010.) The course concentrates on database applications, teaching students to modify and access data using data-bound controls and SQL (structured query language). Other topics include creating custom toolbars and menus for user interfaces, XML and Web applications.

Because QBasic has been phased out by Microsoft, students are unlikely to find online training in the field. However, there are several online courses and certificate programs that offer instruction in Visual Basic, its successor program.

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