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Distance learning classes in residential construction management are available within associate's, bachelor's, and master's degree programs. Look into your main considerations when choosing a school to find the one that best suits your needs.

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Investigating potential schools offering online residential construction management education is important. Some major considerations to keep in mind when selecting a school are the in--person requirements of a program, the curriculum, total costs, and your personal career goals.

How to Select an Online Residential Construction Management School

There are a number of online degree programs in construction management offered through both universities and online private schools. Many of these programs offer some classes in residential property construction management. Students should consider their career goals and the specific classes offered when selecting a school. The total cost of different online schools should also be a consideration.

On-campus/Hands-on Requirements

Residential construction is an outdoor project, and managers usually have done work in the field as journeymen. Summer work on construction projects is encouraged and in some cases, it is required. Many degree programs in residential construction management require some type of campus appearance and some have work experience requirements before graduation.


Not all institutions offering a construction management degree offer a large number of classes devoted to the residential segment of the construction management field. Some programs provide the student with a more intense program of study, focusing on the concept of the construction project, with little regard for the specifics of the building categorization - commercial or residential. Students will benefit from investigating the courses offered at each school.


The student should consider the cost of the degree program and any additional courses or certificates. In addition to the class tuition, any fees and computer costs should be taken into account in assessing the total cost of a program. Some programs require taking final examinations or some classes on the college campus, which may require travel.

Career Goals

Many career paths are available to those with a construction management degree. A student's career goal and the type of residential structure they want to work on should be the starting point in selecting an online residential construction management school and degree program. Some large residential construction projects require applicants to have a graduate degree, whereas that is usually not the case for residential construction. Positions available to graduates include construction cost estimator, construction manager, and residential building inspector, to name a few. Different schools offer more complete or varying focuses within their curricula.

List of Online Degree Programs for Residential Construction Management

Online Associate's Degree in Construction Management

An online associate's degree program in construction management is 2 years. Curriculum covers the principles and procedures of cost estimating, land, and property surveying techniques, selecting construction materials and interpreting blueprints. Students also study management and business topics, such as:

  • Social impact of technology
  • Organizational management
  • Project scheduling
  • Safety planning and administration

Online Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

This 4-year program contains a mix of technical, management and commercial business classes, which provide students with the skills necessary to be successful in the modern construction industry. General business classes are offered, along with specific classes unique to the discipline of the student's construction management focus. Areas of study include:

  • Mechanical systems in buildings
  • Blueprint reading
  • Contract documents
  • Sustainable construction

Online Master of Science in Construction Management

The graduate construction management curriculum offers courses in business, law and construction. Heavy industry construction is discussed in detail. The legal aspects of construction contracts and the construction process, and advanced accounting and costing techniques are looked at in detail. Other topics include:

  • Procurement systems
  • Concrete technology
  • Construction law
  • Heavy construction practices

Schools with Online Programs in Residential Construction

Associate's degree seekers can find online programs at Ashworth College. Featuring a self-paced learning plan, students can enroll a single semester at a time, potentially finishing as quickly as four months. Textbooks and related material are available online, as well. Additionally, graduates will have the option of attending the live ceremony with on-campus students. Currently, the school offers the fourth and final semester of the program at no cost.

Arizona State University offers an online master's degree in construction management. This program is designed to prepare graduates for upper level management roles in construction operations, covering many management and technical skills necessary for the job. Additionally, the construction major offers a facility management concentration, focusing on teaching skills relevant to renovation, decommissioning, and related projects. As of 2017, each course credit costs $904.

Students can earn an associate's, bachelor's or master's degree in residential construction management online. While the major may be titled slightly different, considerations for online learning may include the curricula, practical work, program costs and career goals.

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