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Dec 03, 2019

Online degree programs in sports business are not typically available. Learn about online programs with sports management courses. Get an overview of the program types, requirements and course descriptions available for this field.

Essential Information

There are several online degree programs that can lead to a career in sports management at the bachelor's and master's degree levels. Online programs specifically in sports management are not common; students may enroll in an online business administration degree program and specialize in sports business or management.

Courses in online sports business degree programs generally include business topics such as writing for business, management and finance. Courses can be taken online, but students in a sports management program may have to complete an internship in person.

Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management

The typical education requirement for a career in sports management is a bachelor's degree, with a handful of these programs available online. Students learn the fundamentals of business operations and can adapt those principals to the multi-billion dollar sports industry.

Program Information and Requirements

An online bachelor's in sports business or management program has a curriculum similar to traditional undergraduate programs. Online programs typically require no additional entry requirements beyond those set forth by the school or university for regular, on-campus degrees. Many schools make internships and other cooperative education a necessary part of the curriculum, but these are generally optional for online programs.

Online programs are primarily delivered through email, message boards, as well as streaming media such as videos or podcasts. Some programs only guarantee their major courses to be delivered online, with general education requirements subject to availability.

List of Common Sports Business Courses

At the undergraduate level, sports business and management programs introduce students to a wide array of business-related topics. In addition to sports aspects of business, students will also look at business law, ethics, leadership and more.

Written Composition

This introductory course gives students an overview of the written standards of both the academic and professional worlds. Topics covered include sentence structure, basic citation of sources, paragraph structure and more.

Management Principles

Courses in management provide the basis for business studies by looking at different theories on leadership. Students will study group dynamics, employee motivation, strategic planning and more.

Sports Management

At the undergraduate level this course generally introduces many of the concepts related to managing sports teams, leagues or athletic departments.

Career Information for Graduates

Sports management provides an attractive career choice for those who have a passion for sports. Competition is keen among graduates for high profile jobs, with many starting in entry-level positions according to BusinessWeek. Salaries will vary depending on the job, which ranges from player representation to marketing and operations.

Master's Degree in Sports Business

For those who have earned a bachelor's degree in business or accounting, a graduate degree provides an excellent opportunity to transition into the field of sports. Students with an undergraduate degree in sports management may also appreciate the opportunity for more in-depth research regarding the business of athletics. Online coursework is often cross-disciplinary, covering sports topics in marketing, law, business and communications. Similar to undergraduate programs, graduate degrees in sports management are rarely delivered in an online format.

Program Information and Requirements

Online master's degree programs in sports business management typically require students to have completed an accredited bachelor's program, preferably in a business-related specialty. Most programs are designed for professionals working in the industry who wish to advance their careers, but enrollment is generally open to anyone who meets minimum requirements.

List of Common Sports Management Courses

The curriculum for a master's level sports program further explores the theories and practices specific to athletic business. A majority of coursework in these online programs cover various aspects of law, licensing, marketing and more.

Sports Marketing

This graduate level course covers the marketing aspect of sports events, from different consumer profiles to different sports' promotional considerations.

Sports Business Finance

Students study the finances of sports in for-profit and not-for-profit contexts. Topics in this course cover stadium operations, pricing strategies and the finances involved in operating one of the many sports organizations in the U.S.

Law and Ethics in Sport

This course explores the laws regarding various aspects of the sporting industry, including contract law, negligence and more. Students will also learn about the risks and ethical considerations surrounding emergency situations, crowd control and more.

Career Information for Graduates

Master's degree programs help existing sports workers to advance into greater responsibility within their careers. Many careers, such as player representative, don't require a master's degree; however, those seeking executive management positions within an athletic organization will be greatly aided by a master's in sports management. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for athlete managers and agents was $66,040 as of May 2018 (

While not commonly available, online degree programs in sports management can be found at the bachelor's and master's degree levels. Graduates of the former face intense competition for entry-level jobs in marketing and representation, whereas graduates of master's programs can typically aim for positions as executives or managers.

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