Online Technology Management Degree and Training Programs

Dec 03, 2019

Get information about online programs in technology management. Read about program requirements, course topics and degree levels, and check out career and continuing education options.

Essential Information

Both bachelor's and master's degree programs in technology management are available online. Many programs are taught completely through distance learning, but a few are hybrid programs requiring on-campus study to supplement the online courses.

Online bachelor's degree programs are designed for students seeking to begin careers in technology management, but this type of program is also suitable for professionals in related fields who wish to further develop their technological skills. Online master's degree programs are for students who already hold bachelor's degrees. These programs, which take two to three years to complete, cover a range of management fields, in addition to the management of technical projects.

Technology Management Bachelor's Degree

An online bachelor's degree program in technology management generally combines business management studies with technical education. Some schools might require students to have some knowledge in computer programming, engineering or database technology. A 4-year online technology management program commonly results in a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Applied Science degree.

Technology Management Courses

The curriculum for an online 4-year degree program in technology management includes introductory and advanced courses in information technology, technology management and business management. Many programs also include courses in leadership, strategic management, organizational behavior, business law, ethics and statistics. In some programs, students have the opportunity to build business management portfolios.

Technology Management Fundamentals

Introductory courses in technology management focus on the types of management roles available in the field. The history of technology, management processes and technological innovations might also be studied.

Information Technology Management

These types of courses emphasize various information technology systems and their business uses. Contemporary issues, information technology applications and the role of information systems in business practices and product improvement are other possible topics of discussion.

Business Management

Business management techniques and processes are explored in basic and advanced business management classes. Topics addressed might include change management, quality management and business modeling.

Master's Degree in Technology Management

An online master's degree program in technology management prepares students to manage a variety of technical projects and introduces them to various aspects of business, such as finance and business ethics. Some online graduate degree programs result in a Master of Science degree. Technology management can also be an area of concentration offered in an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

Courses in Technology Management

The curriculum for online graduate degree programs in technology management focus on business and technology management concepts, theories and leadership. Many programs also include several business courses addressing accounting, financial management, marketing and strategic planning.

Concepts of Information Technology Management

Conceptual and theoretical courses in information technology management generally address the business uses of information technology systems. The impact and importance of these systems and how these systems improve key areas of business may also be discussed.

Information Technology Project Management

These types of courses teach students how to organize and oversee technological projects. Management techniques, strategies, planning, budgeting and implementation are among the topics that might be addressed.

Strategic Leadership in Technology Management

Global and corporate strategies are the main topics of discussion in these classes. Forecasting, planning, projecting and decision-making processes are among the other areas of emphasis in strategic leadership courses.

Career Information

Completion of an online undergraduate technology management program prepares students for positions as information technology directors, information systems managers and project managers. Graduates are also qualified for management roles in such areas as computer engineering, software engineering and computer technical support.

Job growth in this management field is expected to occur at a rate of 11% between 2018 and 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The annual median salary for computer and information systems managers was $142,530, the BLS reported in May 2018 (

Graduates of an online master's degree program in technology management are qualified for upper-level management positions in the field. They may pursue careers as information technology directors, vice presidents of information technology or chief technical officers.

Continuing Education Information

While working professionals are not required to pursue continuing education in technology management, some may elect to take online courses addressing technological advances, such as updated Internet technologies. Those seeking advancement in the field might be required to obtain graduate degrees in technology management.

No specific continuing education requirements must be met for those working in the field of technology management. Additionally, technology managers are not required to possess certifications, though some software and hardware vendors may offer certification in their specific products.

Online technology management degree programs are offered at the bachelor's and master's levels. These programs provide students with the skills needed for careers in information systems management, engineering and technical support.

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