Online Therapeutic Massage Course and Class Overviews

Massage therapists use their knowledge of human physiology and massage to treat their clients. Massage therapists can take some of the required courses for certification and continuing education online.

Online Courses in Therapeutic Massage

The most common online therapeutic massage courses and classes are profiled here.

  • Introduction to Therapeutic Massage Course: This course provides students with an overview of massage therapy, the health benefits of therapeutic massage and the careers available for massage therapists. Swedish massage, sports massage, aromatherapy and reflexology are just some of the different types of therapeutic massages introduced in this online course. Understanding the techniques and uses of these types of massage is essential to becoming a successful massage therapist.
  • Anatomy and Physiology Course: Each therapeutic massage technique is linked to a specific part of human anatomy. Massage therapists must understand how each technique affects the muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous, skeletal and immune systems. This online course provides students with training on human anatomy and physiology to enhance their understanding of the application and effects of each massage technique.
  • Ethics and Management Course: It is essential for students to have extensive knowledge of state ethical and legal guidelines for massage therapists. A proper understanding of informed consent, confidentiality and professional boundaries helps protect therapists and their clients. Due to the physical interaction between the client and the therapist through the use of massage, students must know how to handle potential ethical dilemmas that may occur during treatment. This online course requires students to identify and become familiar with ethical and legal guidelines for massage therapists.
  • Business and Marketing Course: As most practicing massage therapists are independent contractors, having an education which includes coursework in business and marketing is essential. This course offers an overview of how to create and operate a massage business. The course includes information on creating a business plan, setting realistic financial goals, and marketing ideas specific to the massage therapy industry.
  • Pathology Course: In this course, students learn about the diseases and disorders that can be influenced by massage therapy. This knowledge can prepare them to make sure that they can determine whether or not a massage therapy session is appropriate for a client, and to take precautionary measures when necessary.
  • Aromatherapy Course: This course provides an overview of essential oils and their applications in a massage therapy context. Students learn about the benefits of individual essential oils and how they can be blended for specific purposes.
  • Hydrotherapy and Spa Modalities Course: This course teaches students how hot and cold water can be used during a massage session to increase therapeutic effects. Integrating the use of hot towel compression, salt scrubs, mud and herbal wraps and other techniques is also explored.

Program Information

Online therapeutic massage courses are available through several schools and are typically part of certificate programs in massage therapy. Though additional hands-on training must also be completed, students can complete the required classroom portion by enrolling in online courses. Massage therapists are required to be licensed or certified in most states; postsecondary programs with online courses can usually help students fulfill some licensure requirements.

Aspiring massage therapists can complete some of their academic coursework online. These courses cover key scientific topics, as well as business-related subjects that can help prepare them for professional success in the future.

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