Online Training Information for Loan Officers

May 31, 2019

Get info about online programs for loan officers. Read about online requirements, course topics and degree levels, and check out career and continuing education options.

Essential Information

Those wishing to become loan officers can choose from several types of online training in the field. Many commercial companies offer short courses or seminars for professional development and certification, while more traditional educational institutions offer degrees in mortgage banking or finance. While some programs can be completed entirely online, others are offered in a hybrid format that requires some in-person class work.

Short Courses and Seminars

Many times, prospective loan officers are looking for courses that can get them one of three things: an entry-level position in the business, training for a state licensing examination, or a professional certification. All three of these are available as online courses for loan officers, as are a variety of seminars and workshops to help loan officers improve their skills and abilities.

The vast majority of online short courses, workshops, and seminars available to loan officers are offered by businesses and non-traditional educational institutions rather than colleges or universities. These are often for-profit businesses that specialize in financial and legal finance education, dealing with a variety of specialties, from bank teller education to mortgage specialist or accountant courses.

These courses and programs vary in length, from workshops that are a day or two or even a few hours long to college-level programs of a year or more designed to give those who have no financial training the knowledge they need to become a full-time loan officer or earn a certification.

Degree Options

There are also a few colleges that offer certificate and degree programs in mortgage finance. These programs are typically offered as hybrid programs that combine some online work and some in-person class work.

The pace of these programs and how much they allow students to work on their own time may vary, with some colleges allowing students to complete classes entirely at their own pace, while others have a more traditional class and assignment schedule. Many require students to turn in all assignments by a set date at the end of the semester and allow students to set their own work schedule during that period.

Overall, the most common online courses for loan officers are brief, career-focused seminars and certificate programs offered through third-party organizations. For more comprehensive training in finance, an online degree or certificate program from a traditional postsecondary institution may be more suitable, though these programs may require some in-person courses.

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