Online U.S. History Courses Overview

Online Courses in U.S. History

The descriptions below detail some commonly offered online U.S. history courses.

  • U.S. History Course: In some cases, U.S. history courses cover enough in-depth material to be split into multiple parts. A typical first part of this course focuses on the birth and progression of the United States, starting with the Mayflower colonies and continuing through the Civil War era. If the course is split into two parts, the second part might include analysis of American historical events beginning in the late 19th century and continuing through present day events.
  • American Civil War Course: This detailed view of the War Between the States outlines the foundation, major events, decisive battles and ultimate consequences of the Civil War. The course reviews the underlying political, social and economic factors that led to military action over the issues of freedom, statehood and constitutional rights. This course may be a core offering in a Bachelor of Arts in History program and online participation may include class chat rooms, email exchanges and online exams.
  • Western American History Course: Western history courses usually include a look at the forces that drove America's expansion into western lands in addition to the consequences faced by the new settlers, native tribes and existing European communities. Students investigate the common beliefs, emerging technologies and personalities that fashioned western American civilization from the initial stages of western expansion to modern times. Class Web portals provide information for completing assignments and online class discussions.
  • Native American History Course: This course offers a historical view of Native American civilizations, including tribal cultures, economic development and relations with colonial Europeans. The course also reviews the interactions and conflicts of indigenous people with the newly formed and expanding American states, the adaptations which were essential for survival, and the status of Native Americans in U.S. society today. The class syllabus provides information on online test taking, assignment completion and discussion boards.
  • Women in U.S. History Course: This course is typically offered as an elective. It includes an in-depth study of women's roles and their impact on American history, politics and cultural development, beginning in pre-colonial times and extending through current-day events. Assignments and exams are submitted either via email or through the class Web portal.
  • U.S. History and Popular Culture Course: An exploration of the impact that popular music, film and food has had on America's historical development. Students examine past cultural norms and their contributions to our current view of history. The course might also assess how current popular culture can be useful in facilitating future historical change. Commonly offered as an elective, this course usually may be taken at any juncture in a bachelor's degree program. Students participate in the class using online tools including email, group discussion boards and online exams.
  • Modern U.S. Military History Course: This course details the history of the United States military from the early 1900's through the ongoing conflict in Iraq. Students will examine American military involvement in struggles across the globe from the Philippine Insurrection of 1899-1902 to World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East. The causes and consequences of all these conflicts are examined.
  • History of the Space Age Course: Students in this course will learn about U.S. history during the age of space exploration and what it meant to the country before going to the moon was possible. Scientists contribution to space flight and the Sputnik crisis will be analyzed as well.
  • History of Sport in America Course: This course will look at American culture in relation to its athletes. Special emphasis will be placed on the media, race, and gender, and how these issues have played a role in the world of sports.

Program Information

Many universities and community colleges offer U.S. history courses as online electives. Some courses are offered as part of the general education requirements for degree programs, while others can be taken either as electives or as core courses for an Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts in History. Online classes are also available for non-students.

Online courses in U.S. history are available as individual classes. Associate's and bachelor's degrees are also available in addition to master's programs. Students will have the chance to study U.S. military history, the history of westward expansion, and Native American history, among other topics.

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