Online Undergraduate Courses in English Language Arts

Online English Language Arts Courses

The descriptions below are for some of the more common English language arts courses taught online. English language arts is a wide-ranging topic though, and there may be many other online choices available.

  • English Literature Course: This course, usually taken at the beginning of a student's academic career, typically includes sections on early and modern English literature. The former is an introduction to British literature from Old English to the late 18th century; modern English covers the early 19th century through the present. Reading, discussion and writing are all elements of an online English literature course.
  • Writing Course: This online course teaches students to write analytical and well-researched papers at the college level. While reading a variety of works and learning to write informative essays, students also practice proper research methods and source citation. Essays and papers may be submitted online for evaluation and discussion with instructors and peers.
  • Public Speaking Course: An online public speaking course teaches the methods used to effectively research, write and deliver speeches in front of an audience, including using effective visual aids and conveying emotion or emphasis. Students prepare and give speeches to a live audience; these are recorded and uploaded online for instructor and peers to evaluate and critique. Some instructors may have students deliver live speeches online to their peers.
  • Grammar Course: This course teaches English grammar rules. Students are assessed on how well they identify parts of speech and grammatical errors in prompts provided by the instructor. They are also responsible for writing grammatically correct essays and papers. Students meet online for lectures and read course materials independently. All assignments are submitted online.
  • New Media Course: Online topics include the formats and techniques of writing digital content. Digital publishing is also discussed. Students gain insight into ways that media is used to distribute and promote written work. Each course session may differ from previous ones as current trends are brought into focus.
  • Literary Theory Course: In this course, students will study the concepts based on critical theory in literature. Topics include the critiques of feminism and Marxism and how literary theories reflect various texts.
  • Shakespeare Course: This course will study the many facets of Shakespeare's themes. Further, his tragedies, comedies and the time-period when he wrote will all be explored.

Program Information

English language arts courses are usually part of the general education requirements in a bachelor's or associate's degree program. Typically, they are lower division courses that must be completed prior to beginning a major. In addition, many English language arts courses can be taken as prerequisites for English majors. Most courses require textbooks for independent reading assignments, though they may be available in an online format.

Students will have plenty of opportunities to study online undergraduate courses in English language arts via associate's and bachelor's degrees. Course topics include grammar, literary theory and public speaking.

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