Online Undergraduate Latin Language Programs

Online Courses in Undergraduate Latin Language

Below is a sample of online Latin courses commonly offered by colleges and universities.

  • Introduction to Latin Course: Students learn basic vocabulary and begin to study declensions and conjugations. Correct pronunciation, tense, voice and irregular verbs are discussed. At the beginners' level, self-governed reading and writing practice is encouraged.
  • Continuation of Introductory Latin Course: This secondary step within an undergraduate Latin language program builds upon prior skills. Students broaden their vocabulary and grammar while beginning simple translations. Numerals and parts of speech are covered.
  • Intermediate Latin - Introduction to Latin Literature Course: Latin students delve further into the language by reading and translating works from Roman history, such as Julius Caesar's accounts and selections from Cicero. They apply Roman social, historical and cultural aspects to language style and context.
  • Intermediate Latin - Prose and Poetry Course: Latin prose and poetry includes works by Catullus, Livy, Ovid and Virgil. By this point in their undergraduate Latin language program, enrollees must be thoroughly proficient in vocabulary and grammar.
  • Advanced Studies in Latin Course: Advanced Latin courses usually center on a major work of literature, such as classics from Virgil or Ovid. Students become familiar with the syntax and the meter of Latin poetry.
  • Medical Terminology Course: In this course students will study the Greek and Latin root words behind advanced medical and scientific terminology. This study will further understanding both of the classical languages as well as their application in modern life.
  • Classical Latin Course: This course will explore Latin as it's associated with Roman culture and various literature. Topics include historical and cultural aspects of Latin texts, Roman identity, the origins of Rome and modern translations.
  • Augustine's Confessions Course: This course will analyze Book I, Section 8 of the text Confessions. Students will learn about the rhetorician St. Augustine's childhood and the Classical Latin associated with this autobiographical text.

Program Information

The unique structure of Latin linguistics makes study of this language different from learning a modern language; therefore, most online Latin language programs stress reading and memorization. Latin studies begin with vocabulary and syntax. Once students become proficient in reading the language and learn the Latin roots of common English words, classes move into reading and translating classical literature in Latin. Focusing on classical languages can be advantageous for scholars who aspire to achieve positions in the arts, academia, medicine, communications and law. Courses are offered online in standalone formats.

Online undergraduate Latin language programs are available through individual classes. Students will study topics like medical terminology in Latin, Latin fundamentals and intermediate Latin.

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