Online Web Development Course and Class Overviews

Online Web development courses are frequently offered through the continuing education departments of colleges and universities. Most online Web development courses are included in certificate programs, but some are part of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in computer science, information systems and related areas.

Online Courses in Web Development

Read below for some common web development courses available via distance learning.

  • Web Development Fundamentals Course: Students learn the basics of Web development, including tools, jargon and standards. This course may cover the various components of websites, such as navigation, graphics and content management, as well as website administration. The course project generally requires students to plan, create and maintain a website.
  • XML Course: Students taking this course should have knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). This course teaches students how to structure Web content using Extensible Markup Language (XML). Other subjects may include XML structure and syntax, scripting, XML style sheets, document type definition (DTD) and channel definition format (CDF).
  • JavaScript Course: Designed for those with knowledge of HTML and basic Web design, the JavaScript course teaches students how to incorporate interactive elements into websites. Topics may include how to embed interactive forms, pop-up windows, frames, cookies, multimedia and graphics using JavaScript programming language.
  • Java Programming Course: This course may require prior knowledge of object-oriented programming. Students learn how to create simple Java applets and incorporate them into HTML documents. Other topics may include browser scripting, common gateway interface (CGI) languages and the basic components of Java programming language.
  • Web Authoring with Flash Course: Familiarity with website design and programming concepts are required for this course. Students use Flash to create interactive websites that feature animation, navigation, clickable buttons and sound.
  • Image Capture and Manipulation Course: Students are shown the differences between raster and vector images. They learn where both types are found and used. Advanced editing techniques are explained and demonstrated. Other topics include the techniques of formatting and sharing graphics.
  • Photoshop Basics Course: Common Photoshop techniques will be emphasized in this online course. Students will learn about vignetting, creating image composites, isolating objects and more.
  • Color Theory Course: Students will get an idea of how to create relevant color schemes for projects in graphic design. Focus will be placed on manipulating color in addition to the terminology that goes along with it.
  • Dreamweaver I Course: This course is designed to help students become familiar with one of the most common HTML editing tools, without holding any previous knowledge. Topics include Web site layouts, site design and typography.

Program Information

Students enrolled in online Web development courses learn how to create interactive, user-friendly websites using the latest software. Classes are most often found in online graduate-level Web development certificate programs, but they can also be part of degree programs, such as a Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development, a Master of Science in Information Systems or a Master of Science in Computer Science. Web development courses prepare students for careers as Web developers, information architects, Web masters or Web programmers. A professional certificate program is also another option.

Depending on the class, students may need specific software, such as Dreamweaver, AJAX or ColdFusion. Some courses require knowledge of C++ and C programming.

Students looking to study Web development via online courses have options at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including certificate programs and bachelor's and master's degrees. Courses may be available through computer science or information systems programs, as well as web design and development programs.

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