Online XML Computer Courses Overview

Popular Online XML Computer Courses

Below are some of the more commonly offered online courses in XML programming.

  • Basics of Webpage Design Course: This online course provides students with the skills needed to publish digital media. Students are introduced to servers, workstations, software, hardware and techniques used to create websites using HTML. This course consists of hands-on lab assignments, class discussions and lectures.
  • Developing Websites with XML/XHTML Course: Students are introduced to programming using XML. Prior to enrollment in this course, students should have completed the course on webpage design and be familiar with FTP, HTML and basic programming concepts. Students use their knowledge of XML to create an XSLT style sheet, a DTD (document type definition) and an information system based on XML.
  • Internet and Web Design Course: The focus of this course is on the Internet and website design. Students examine Internet security, Internet protocols, Web page design, HTML, using and configuring Web browsers, e-mail and search engines. Students design and publish their own Web page using knowledge gained in this course.
  • Advanced Web Design Course: Designing websites using modern advanced methods is addressed in this course. Students gain knowledge of CSS (cascading style sheets), PHP (hypertext preprocessor), JavaScript, XML, and XHTML for use in developing and maintaining Web pages. Students use these methods to develop a Web page as part of the class requirements.
  • Extensible Markup Language - Level 1 Course: This course is aimed at students with knowledge of databases and HTML. Students receive a hands-on learning approach to XML and related topics, including XML schemas, DTDs, CSS and XSLT. Students learn to create XML Web pages and documents with specific values and elements, while validating them using Namespaces and XML schemas. Other topics covered include style sheets, DTDs and using XSL transformations. This course provides students with the skills needed to alter and modify XML pages and documents once they've been created.
  • XSL Techniques Course: This course examines the use of XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language) to manipulate the data contained in XML documents and then to output it to various formats, such as webpage or PDF documents. A set of hands-on exercises teaches the student to construct style sheets that translate to both print and Web formats.
  • Introduction To XSL-FO Course: Students in this course will gain an understanding of how to turn XML documents into PDF files using XSL.
  • Introduction To XML Schema Course: This class explains how to use XML schema and its relationship to the structure of XML languages. Other topics include deriving custom types, understanding namespaces and declaring attributes.

Program Information

Online XML computer courses are offered through continuing education programs at colleges, universities and technical training schools. They can be taken as standalone courses or as part of degree and post-baccalaureate certificate programs in Internet application development, applied computing systems and related areas.

Graduates of these programs can pursue careers as computer technicians, computer programmers, XML coders or Web development specialists. Some online courses let students work at their own pace, while others are conducted in real time with discussions and student/teacher interactions.

XML courses are commonly available online, usually as part of a certificate program or a degree program in computer programming or information technology. Common topics of study include web design, XML schema and HTML.

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