Why We Support Open Education Week

Study.com is happy to announce that after a month of fundraising, Study.com is donating $3,064 to the OCW Consortium to support their Open Education Week in March of 2012. We hope that our contribution can help this great organization bring the best of free, open educational resources to our readers.

What is the OpenCourseWare Consortium?

The OCW Consortium is a group of colleges, universities and education-focused organizations working hard to remove the barriers that keep so many people from accessing higher education. Whether you lack time, money, or fancy credentials, the Consortium is hard at work to help you use and benefit from OpenCourseWare. We're on board with any effort to increase accessibility to education, but we're especially impressed with the Consortium's visionary, multi-pronged approach to the problem.

Open Ed Week

They've always created, shared and promoted high-quality open educational resources (think member university MIT's free online lectures). Now they're reimagining degrees, assessments and the overall learning experience to revolutionize the education sphere. The money we're donating will help them design, update and coordinate the Open Education Week website, a key element for facilitating communication between OCW providers and organizers. We'll continue to update you on Open Education Week, and other OCW efforts, in our Education Insider. We have a long track record of keeping you up to date on the latest in the open ed movement. OCW Consortium Executive Director Mary Lou Forward says of our efforts: 'Study.com is really helping to spread the word about the availability of OpenCourseWare and open educational resources. Thanks for making these valuable open resources known to a wide audience of learners!'

Why is Study.com Getting Involved?

Though we're always happy to contribute to the open ed movement, we're especially excited about this fundraiser because the amount of our donation depended in part on our readers. We've been trying to raise awareness of Open Education and OpenCourseWare ever since we found out that 40% of our visitors weren't familiar with the terms. With this fundraiser, we called on our audience to Like our Facebook page; for each new Like, we donated $1 extra to Open Ed Week. While we still have a long way to go in making 'open ed' synonymous with 'higher ed,' we view the great turnout for our fundraiser as a sign that we're well on our way.

We're excited to see Open Ed Week take shape, and we hope the extra $3,064 will help the OCW Consortium put together a great series of events. Check back for updates Open Ed Week and other open education resources and news.

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