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Mar 31, 2019

A Q.A. engineer tests products for developers and is required to use the product in ways recommended by the manufacturer and in ways that may be possibly used by the consumers, although not recommended. The ability of a Q.A. engineer to find the weaknesses of a product will determine how successful they are in this field. Read further to learn the requirements and benefits of this occupation.

Career Definition for Q.A. Engineers

Q.A. engineers make sure that any products leaving a development or manufacturing company are working properly and are free from defects or errors. Q.A. engineers must verify the performance of a product and troubleshoot it of any problems. After reviewing a product, a Q.A. engineer will give written feedback about how the product works and what deficiencies are prevalent.

Education Bachelor's degree required
Job Skills Record keeping, attention to detail, communication, customer relations
Median Salary (2019)* $63,670 for entry-level Q.A. engineers

Source: *

Required Education

Q.A. engineers are required to have a bachelor's degree in software design or computer science. While in school, students will learn the development cycle of a product and develop familiarity with computer software programs. Students will also get an opportunity to see the developmental process from the perspective of a designer.

Skills Required

Q.A. engineers must have an understanding of the product they are reviewing and know the company's product goals. Engineers need to be able to keep accurate records, be efficient with data entry, and pay great attention to detail. Effective communication is essential because Q.A. engineers need to work with the developing and testing team to perfect a product. Q.A. engineers must be able to think about how consumers may incorrectly use a product to verify any liability or legal concerns for the manufacturer and marketing companies.

Career and Economic Outlook

According to, the median salary for an entry-level Q.A. engineer was $63,670 as of March 2019. Because computer technology and applications are increasing, it is important for Q.A. engineers to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements.

Alternate Career Options

Here are a few other options in engineering careers:

Software Developer

Usually having strong computer programming skills and a bachelor's degree in computer science, software developers design various types of applications for people to use or design systems to control networks and run devices. Much faster than average employment growth of 24% was expected in this field by the BLS from 2016-2026, and a median annual salary of $103,560 was reported for 2017.

Computer Programmer

Often earning a bachelor's degree in computer science or a similar field, programmers then secure employment writing code for software programs. A drop in available computer programming positions of 7% was forecast by the BLS for the 2016-2026 decade. According to the BLS in 2017, their median earnings were $82,240.

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