Salary and Career Info for Game Simulation Programming Specialists

Sep 20, 2019

Game simulation programming specialists design video games and test these games to ensure they function properly.A bachelor's degree is required to be a game simulation programming specialist, as well as experience with Photoshop and 3D animation.

Essential Information

Game simulation programming specialists design computer games and software for computers, game arcades, consoles, and cell phones. In addition to design, they perform market research and develop and manage new projects. Individuals in this field need technical savvy, gaming ability, and programming knowledge. A degree in computer science or art, with training in design programs, would be solid preparation.

Required Education Bachelor's degree in computer science or art
Projected Job Growth (2018-2028)* 12% for computer and information technology occupations, all other
Median Salary (2019)** $66,220 (video game programmers)

Sources: * U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), **

Salary Information for Game Simulation Programming Specialists

According to, video game programmers earned between $46,000 and $99,000, as of August 2019. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes such programmers with specialized computer occupations and estimated in May 2018 the median annual salary earned in such professions as $90,270. Earnings for game simulation programming specialists can vary widely because some programmers have different responsibilities than others. If a programmer has a good reputation within the industry, they are likely to earn more money.

Career Information for Game Simulation Programming Specialists

Career Overview

Game simulation programming specialists are responsible for designing the main concept, rules, and mission of their video games. In designing games, game simulation programming specialists often work with other artists and programmers. Candidates should be good managers because they are most often the leaders of the game development team.

Game simulation programming is a fast-growing field. Technology and job titles change quickly within the industry. Students with the proper training can become 3D games programmers, technical animators, network administrators, or simulation software engineers.

One of the main challenges for game programmers is making their games engrossing and fun for others. They must set the pace for the video game so that they don't move too quickly or too slowly for players.

Programming specialists can work as employees for video game companies or as independent consultants. Successful programmers may even be able to start their own gaming companies.


The best candidates for careers in game simulation programming have proficiency with computers and a basic aptitude and understanding of what programming entails. They also need to have access to a top-quality gaming computer and a high level of skill. Game simulation programming specialists should know programs such as Flash, 3D animation, and Photoshop. A degree in computer science or art is ideal.

Game simulation programming specialists create programs that may be used on computers, in video game consoles, or on smartphones. They need a degree in computer science or art as well as a strong appreciation for what game players want.

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