Setting Up Your Classroom for Screenings

Find out how to use videos in your classroom, how to make sure your classroom is set up for watching videos, and learn about activities you can use to center your curriculum around the videos.

Hi I'm Farran Tabrizi with, and we're here to talk a little bit about how to integrate our videos in your classroom.

Creating a Viewing Environment

It's actually pretty easy. All you need is an internet-connected device and a way to show the screen to your students. Now remember, our videos are only available online, so you can't use your traditional DVD and TV setup. We've found the best way to show our videos to students is to use an external projector as a second screen. There are a lot of ways to do this though, so ask your school's administrator about your options.

So no matter how you show the video to your students, you'll want to make sure that your classroom is ready for it. You might want to set it up kind of like a movie theater. You know, close any blinds, cover up any windows, dim the lights a little bit so that you can really see the screen clearly and the students can focus. If your students have trouble focusing on the videos, try printing out the transcript and providing it to them so they can read along.

Quizzes and Activities

Each lesson comes with a quiz that is written by the instructor, so you're absolutely free to use any way you want, whether it be in a pop quiz the next day, or maybe in an exam you take later.

There are also a lot of activities that you can use to incorporate with the videos, like group discussions and fill in the blank worksheets. If you're watching a math or science video, then you can use the same problems from the video and have your students work them out together afterwards.

Ultimately, how you use's videos in your classroom is totally up to you, whether it be a simple screening or a full day of activities. If you have any questions or comments, just email us:

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