Sexual Harassment Training Programs and Courses

Many companies require their employees to complete a sexual harassment prevention training program. Its goal is to help staff members avoid behaviors that are considered inappropriate in the workplace. Courses are designed to increase employees' awareness of what type of conduct is considered sexual harassment and to help management assist any employee who feels he or she is being sexually harassed.

Essential Information

Sexual harassment and discrimination training is a common requirement for all employees, whether at a business or university. Courses are usually included in employee orientation sessions so that new employees understand the organization's policies before beginning work. These are short, workshop courses, which are not offered for credit. Most organizations that offer these courses also require periodic retraining in sexual harassment prevention to ensure employees maintain their awareness of sexual harassment policies and the possible consequences they could face for noncompliance.

Here are some common concepts found in sexual harassment courses:

  • Types of harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Workplace issues
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Prevention

List of Common Sexual Harassment Courses

Overview of Sexual Harassment Concepts and Policies Course

This course provides students or employees with an understanding of what sexual harassment means. It introduces them to the terminology used to identify various types of harassment. It also explains company or university sexual harassment policies and provides information on resources available to those who feel they have been treated inappropriately. Overview courses often address discrimination issues and policies as well as those that address sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment in the Past and Present Course

Unwelcome advances and other forms of inappropriate behavior in the workplace have not always been viewed as harassment. This course provides a history of the concept of sexual harassment as well as its development as a legal issue. It also identifies factors that determine whether behaviors are currently defined as sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment Training for Managerial Personnel Course

Designed for managers and supervisors, this course introduces procedures that upper-level personnel should use when addressing claims of sexual harassment. Case studies are used to suggest ways that managers should interact with employees who file claims of sexual harassment as well as those who are accused of it. Topics also include methods for identifying and halting sexual harassment and ways to encourage employees to follow sexual harassment prevention guidelines.

Sexual Harassment Training for Employees Course

In this course, employees are taught to treat each other with respect in order to prevent inappropriate speech or behavior. They are also given ways to handle unwelcome attention before it escalates to harassment. Another aspect of this training introduces the legal repercussions employees might experience if they choose to violate their organization's sexual harassment policies.

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