High School Student Wins $1000 While Earning College Credit

Jessie Hromadka is a high school senior who's preparing for her college career. When she learned the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) could help her earn college credit while still in high school for a fraction of the normal cost, she jumped at the chance to learn more.

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Jessie is our first $1000 CLEP Award recipient and we were excited to hear her story and share her secrets to CLEP exam success. Find out how she used's online Psychology course to pass the Psychology CLEP exam and earned $1000 in the process!

Getting a Jump on College Credits

Jessie Hromadka was trying to figure out her academic future. She had already decided that she had an interest in taking CLEP exams to save money on her education. During her research, she discovered she had an interest in psychology. She said, 'I was really interested in the field of psychology, and I really wanted to learn more about it.' She's even considered studying psychology in college. In fact, Jessie says her future career plans may include 'working for a high school or working with kids that are going through hard times.'

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She had never taken any courses in this field before, so she was approaching it from a fresh perspective, ready to learn as much as possible, so she could see about earning some credit in this subject before entering college. This desire to learn and take the CLEP exam led Jessie to

Preparing for the CLEP Exam, One Video at a Time

Jessie decided to watch all the psychology videos. 'I watched (all) the videos about a month and a half in advance of the test, and then as it came closer, I went through and watched a couple of different ones. I also took the quiz at the end of each video.' When it came to the quizzes, Jessie really liked them. She said, 'I kind of wished that the quizzes would be a little longer. I liked being able to use what I just learned. I just like being able to say, 'oh well, I've learned that. I know it now - 5 out of 5. Woohoo!'

When talking about her experience with the videos, Jessie stated, 'I thought it was much more entertaining than a traditional classroom setting. I really liked the animations. I thought they were cute and informative, too.' She said she 'thought the videos were presented in a way that is understandable and fun.'

Regarding the format of the videos, she 'thought they were a really good length and interesting, so it didn't seem like they were taking up a lot of time. It flew by. I liked the colors. It wasn't overbearing but then it wasn't just black and white. I thought it was really easy to navigate.'

Jessie was asked, if there was one thing that she would change about anything related to, the courses or lessons, what would it be? Her answer was rather simple - 'There should be a volume control on the videos.'

Jessie was also asked about the one thing that stood out to her as her favorite feature of She answered, 'There are so many courses that I can choose from. I really liked how there was a timeline underneath the video, and I could click and jump right to a section to learn about (the specific topic I was interested in).'

What's Next for Jessie

Jessie took a practice test on the CLEP website while using the videos and she let us know that she 'did fairly well on it.' When she went to take the actual CLEP exam, despite her general test anxiety, she said she felt confident that she knew the things she needed to know in order to do well.

When asked about future use of the videos, Jessie said she 'would definitely use ( again because it works.' While she hasn't gone back and watched other videos, she did say, 'I was thinking about watching some of the precalculus ones because I'm in precalculus, and it's kind of confusing.' is offering 10 monthly $1000 awards to students who use our online courses to pass the CLEP exam. The next winner could be you! Find out how to apply here.

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