Sustainable Agriculture MBA Program Information

Some Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs in sustainable business may offer courses that specifically address sustainable agriculture. However, MBA programs that focus only on sustainable agriculture courses are rare.

Essential Information

Resources management and sustainability are growing fields, and individuals who are interested in learning how to apply those concepts to the agriculture industry while also gaining an in-depth understanding of business skills should consider enrolling in a master's degree program in sustainable business. While these programs don't specifically focus on the agriculture industry, they do provide students with an understanding of how to manage resources and conserve energy in a business environment. Those skills can be applied just as easily to agriculture as to any other field.

Applicants are expected to have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited 4-year university. However, because of the interdisciplinary nature of sustainable business administration, programs generally don't discriminate with regard to undergraduate academic discipline.

Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Agriculture

In these types of programs, students may learn about multiple issues in sustainability, such as how the infrastructure of developing nations affects global warming. Additionally, the disparity between consumer desire for sustainable products and their shopping habits can be a major issue in sustainable business. Topics of study may include:

  • Business strategy
  • Environmental law
  • Green accounting
  • Investing for social responsibility
  • Renewable energy
  • Sustainable development

Popular Career Options

Jobs in sustainable business can be found with energy and natural resources management divisions of the World Bank, United Nations, major telecommunications broadcasters and environmental investment firms. Graduates of master's degree programs are qualified to work as:

  • Environmental commodity analysts
  • Marketing consultants
  • Sustainability managers

Continuing Education Information

Graduates of MBA programs can go on to complete Ph.D. programs in sustainable agriculture. These programs may allow students to participate in fieldwork, engage in colloquiums and complete courses in subjects like ecology, biological science and resource management.

Although MBA programs in sustainable agriculture are not commonly offered, programs in sustainable business provide training in the foundations of sustainability that can be applied to the agricultural industry. Graduates are eligible for employment opportunities as consultants, analysts and managers or may continue their education at the doctoral level.

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