Thankful for Education

It's the season for remembering all the things in life to be thankful for. Here at we'd like to take a moment to share ten reasons we're grateful for education.

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Higher Education

1. Learning to Think

We learned a lot more than just facts and figures in college. School taught us to think critically, solve problems creatively and analyze the world around us.

2. Self-Expression

Self-expression is a powerful skill that can help you navigate life with confidence. We're grateful that college taught us to introspect honestly and express ourselves eloquently.

3. Writing Skills

Knowing how to construct a well-written memo - or even just craft a clear sentence - is an invaluable skill. We're thankful that college taught us to write well.

4. Information and Media Literacy

Ever feel intimidated by the information superhighway? Not after you earn your degree. Years of tracking down legitimate sources and digging through JSTOR made us experts at finding information - a crucial skill in today's 'knowledge economy.'

5. Research Skills

All that information literacy came from years of hard - and interesting! - research. We're grateful that we learned to perform critical and in-depth research armed with just a computer and a library card.

Lifelong Learning

6. Independence

College taught us to self-motivate, work without supervision and navigate life independently - all while providing a 'soft landing' for those first few mistakes.

7. Good Friends

Whether it's our BFFs from high school or those lifelong buddies we made freshman year of college, we're grateful for the close friends we met in school.

8. Social Skills

And how did we make such good friends? By learning to relate to classmates, instructors and people from every walk of life. We're thankful for the interpersonal skills that have helped us succeed socially and professionally.

9. Party Tricks

Whether we're quoting Foucault or whipping out the ol' beer pong chops, we learned everything we know about showing off in college. While our friends may not be so grateful for that, we sure are!

10. Earning Power

There's more to life than money, but it can sure make things easier. Having a degree dramatically increases your potential salary no matter what your vocation is - and we are definitely grateful for that.

Feeling thankful for your education, too? Don't miss tomorrow's article on ten ways you can use your education to give back to the community.

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