The Benefits of Living On Campus

College involves many big choices, including whether to live on campus, live at home or find an apartment off campus. Campus life has several advantages that are hard to beat. Keep reading to find out about the benefits of choosing to live on campus.


Shorter Commutes

One of the main benefits of living on campus is proximity to classes. You won't have to worry about relying on the bus or driving to campus and wasting time looking for parking. Better yet, if you don't have a car, you won't have to pay for parking at all! All you'll have to do is walk or ride your bike to the right building. Who wouldn't want such an easy commute?

Better Academic Outcomes

Being able to get to and from classes more quickly means students living on campus can also devote more time to their coursework. Students who live on campus have easy access to tutors, libraries and the student union at almost any time of day. When there is a break between classes, students can go back to their dorm rooms and have a quiet place to study.

Students who live in dorms are surrounded by people with similar goals and an academic focus. This atmosphere surely has a positive effect on students. Many schools report that freshmen who live on campus have better GPAs and graduation rates than freshmen who live off campus.

Access to Activities and Services

It's well known that college activities in the form of clubs or sports teams are important to student life. For students living on campus, attending a club meeting is easy, since home is not far away. Important amenities, such as recreation and dining centers, can usually be found nearby. Internet is likely available in each residence building, making it easier for students to do research for classes from the comfort of their rooms. Most dorms also have resident assistants, or RAs, who can assist dorm residents with any issues.

Being Part of a Community

One of the prime advantages to living on campus is the chance to meet people from all over the country and around the world. The wide variety of cultures and backgrounds lends itself to a unique student community that's difficult to reproduce off campus.

On-campus students have even more opportunities to widen their social circle given the array of clubs and activities offered at a university. There are activities for almost any interest, whether in recreation or academics, giving students yet another way to meet like-minded people. Some schools, such as Indiana University - Bloomington and Michigan State University, group students in dorms according to their academic or personal interests.

First Step to Independence

Some students know they want to move out of the house but aren't quite sure they're ready to have their own apartments. Living on campus can provide an in-between step. While students will be living independently, they don't have to worry about paying rent, handling utilities and everything else associated with renting an apartment. Living on campus offers students a chance to start developing important life skills needed for adulthood.

College is a great opportunity to meet new people and make lifelong connections. Living on campus helps new students ease their way into adulthood while enjoying everything university life has to offer. The abundant support, access to amenities and academic focus are tough to beat when weighing on-campus versus off-campus options.

Living on campus could mean doing more of your own cooking. Luckily, there are easy meals to make in the dorms.

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