The Best Money-Saving Tips for Students

It's no secret that students spend a lot of money to attend school. And with the costs of tuition, textbooks and extracurricular activities going up every day, students nowadays need as much help as they can get. To help you find new ways to save time and money, we held a contest to find out students' best money-saving tips.

Student saving money

We were so impressed with the entries for our 'Tweet for a Laptop' contest that we decided to share some of the best tips with you. Who, but a fellow student, knows the best ways to save money while in school? While some of these are classic, foolproof methods of stretching your cash, other entries are unexpectedly creative ways to keep cobwebs out of your wallet. Read on and take note of your favorites.

Apartment Living

1. Use the Freecycle Network to furnish dorms/ apartments. It's all about reuse! -@DinaJ

2. Consider getting roommates! Sharing your living expenses will reduce them significantly! -@DittoTweeto

3. Try to find an apartment close to campus so you don't have to drive. You'll save money on gas and parking. -@Letsgolakers086

4. Share most of the necessities with your roommate. -@saraminda


5. Use alternative ways to get around campus. Bike, shuttle, walk, skate, bus - anything to save money on parking fees and gas. -@EmeraldVibe

6. Walk or take transit - limiting your car usage will save you on gas money! -@Helyn4

7. Invest in a bike! You'll save time, bus money, parking money and it will give you a good workout! -@abitnerdy

Credit Cards

8. Never use a credit card when you go shopping. Use cash or check - it will keep you from overspending. -@purplelover04

9. Best student money tip is: don't think credit is unlimited money! -@Tannawings

10. Put your credit and debit cards in a block of ice if you're an impulse shopper. Literally! -@Alishahndra


11. Swap books! -@LA_Jeweles

12. Buy or rent your textbooks, or look for online/ library copies. -@simplydab

13. Many college libraries have textbooks on reserve. If available, take advantage of this service instead of buying books. -@itsameeracle

Food & Drink

14. Make your own lunch instead of (eating) fast food. Fresh fruits, a loaf of bread and some deli cuts can feed you for a week. -@EmeraldVibe

15. Bottle your drinks. It can get very expensive buying bottled water/drinks on campus. -@saraminda

16. Make coffee, etc. at home and put it in a thermal to-go cup. It saves a lot! -@alongcamemary1

Social Life

17. Student tip: always ask for student rates for movie admissions, fitness centers, ski resorts, public transit, etc. -@g0r0r0

18. There's lots to do on-campus: free movies and groups. Try to stick to a budget and save for necessities. -@MissingLynxx

19. Make sure you research the costs (fees) associated with joining fraternity/sororities. They may put a dent in your pocketbook. -@helyn4


20. College work-study is a great way to save money during school. You get great real-world experience AND a paycheck! -@Twenteries

21. Work at a store that serves fresh food; employees generally get to take some home. -@Alishahndra

22. Work on campus as a dorm supervisor for free rent! -@phoenixx138


23. Sign up for stores' mailing lists to get info on when they're having sales. -@mommatolg

24. Coupons! Coupons! Coupons! Save a lot of $$$ to use on other fun things! -@jacqgrif

25. Hit those thrift stores to buy your clothes - you will save tons by doing this. -@MCJunkie

Is there a foolproof way to save money that you think we've missed? Share your best money-saving tips by tweeting us @Studydotcom.

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