The People at Intelligent Television Want You To Watch More TV

By Megan Driscoll

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Thinking Ahead

Intelligent Television (INT) is here to make sure that the future of media is a smart one. The organization is devoted to providing educational and engaging video and Web-based content, as well as conducting research into the most effective ways to increase access to educational and cultural content all over the world.

INT is part of a growing movement in the open education community that aims to do more than share existing materials. Like the Khan Academy, Smarthistory and similar projects, Intelligent Television produces original video content designed with the self-learner in mind. This stands in sharp contrast to more established open educational resources (OER), such as OpenCourseWare (OCW), which tend to take course materials designed for the traditional classroom and simply put them up online - even OCW videos are typically just recordings of class lectures. These resources offer an invaluable beginning for open education, but can be frustrating and difficult to navigate for the end user at home.

Intelligent Television works closely with universities, museums and other educational and cultural institutions around the world to produce films and television programs. Unlike many other sources of original open content, which tend to focus on short, granular video and pieces of information, INT helps to produce in-depth documentary and educational projects.

Current featured productions include The South, an 'epic' project exploring the history of the American South made in conjunction with PBS, Insignia Films and Alexandria Productions. INT is also working on The Memory Project, which explores the nature of American remembering with the University of Southern California and The Library of Congress, and Within the Law, the recreation of a lost 1917 feature film with Bucknell University and other public media providers. In fact, these are just a few of the many innovative and exciting media productions being spearheaded by the INT team.

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Intelligent Research & Consulting

Intelligent Television's involvement with open education doesn't stop at video production. They're also working on a series of research projects examining new media and how to create effective content for open education. With over a dozen projects listed on their website, INT's research term is investigating cultural marketing, cost-effective content creation, new media infrastructure and the business, legal and logistical considerations regarding the use of video in education - to name just a few of the research efforts in which INT is involved.

Finally, INT offers global consulting services for public and private institutions. Focusing on the use of video in culture and education, INT consultants have offered their services to such organizations as The U.S. Library of Congress, the U.K.'s JISC Film & Sound Think Tank, the University of Illinois and even BitTorrent Inc.

Intelligent Television's combination of services - research, consulting and content production - offer a fertile ground for the development of new educational media. Keep your eye on this organization for exciting new projects and developments in the world of open education.

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