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Have you ever wondered about the world of tomorrow? What will our lives be like? If you're studying for a technical career, you've probably wondered what kind of jobs will be available to you. While it's unlikely that you'll be building Skynet or creating the world from Tron, technology based careers do have a bright and lucrative future. All you have to decide is which of these directions you want to pursue.

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By Laura Allan

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Computer Sciences

This is likely the most obvious technical career of the future. Technological convergence theory states that different items of technology will continue to become integrated until we end up with a single device that does everything. Just look at phones ten years ago versus phones today. Don't the modern ones embody many characteristics of music players, computers and PDAs of yesterday? As this convergence continues to happen, there will be an increased demand for people who can code, think up new and useful software or hardware, find new ways to integrate different tools and create a sleek pretty package to put it all in. Every other future career in technology will probably stem from some sort of computer science.


Only fifty years ago, medicine was still getting used to using ultrasound scans. Now, that technology is used by most hospitals in the nation. It stands to reason that medicine will continue to rely more and more heavily on technologically based procedures. If you become a doctor today, you can bet that the future of your career will depend on an ability to adapt to tools and methods that are increasingly technologically advanced. In particular, surgery is already leaning towards robotics and lasers that can cut and remove things more precisely. Rather than knowing how to wield a scalpel, future surgeons may well be asked to be experts with a joystick and keyboard.

Environmental Engineering

Going green has been a theme of the last few years, and it doesn't show any sign of stopping. Cleaner power and more effective means of saving our environment will continue to be in demand. Despite the common belief that technology is what is destroying our world, environmentalism leans greatly on technology and it's advancement. Environmental engineering will focus on public health issues, waste management, emergency situation management and resource distribution. All of this will have to be clean and fall within the bounds of environmentally based law. As the demand for better tools and methods increases, the need for people who can create and adapt green technology will too.

Media Editing and Production

More and more of our world is transferring over to digital. In particular, the world of entertainment is mostly reliant on high tech methods now. In the future, that's likely to become even more true. While others make the technology, a specialist in media will need to effectively to turn out interesting and compelling content. New programs will be created, new types of content will be in demand. You'll have to adapt to new methods as they come. Whether it's knowing how to digitally edit film or how to set up a website so it's eye-catching and easy to use, media editing and production will continue to be vital well into the future.

Quality Assurance

This job may not sound as glamorous or exciting as the others, but it will be just as necessary. With all these new gadgets and tech toys, companies will need people to test them out. Depending on what the product is, they may even need trained professionals in certain fields who know what to look for. Even if you're not an expert in a specific area, video games and computers will still need to be de-bugged. Your job will consist of using a technological advancement for its intended purpose and looking for flaws or deficiencies. You may also be asked to give feedback as to what is easy and what is difficult to use. You'll need to have a good mind for technology itself, as well as a grasp on the intended audience's capabilities, wants and needs.

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