Top Schools for Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration

Aug 17, 2018

Read about the top schools for pharmaceutical sciences and administration, which can be found at some large universities. Learn about the program options at four of these universities, and use the table at the end of the resource to find other schools in the U.S. with programs for pharmaceutical professionals.

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Pharmaceutical sciences and administration programs can be found at the undergraduate and graduate degree levels at tops schools that include the University of Toledo, the University of Mississippi, Ohio State University, and the University of Texas. Pharmaceutical sciences and administration involves the development and distribution of drugs. Pharmaceutical scientists research, formulate and test new drugs, whereas pharmaceutical administrators manage, promote, and study the impact of pharmaceutical products and services.

Most universities offer pharmacy programs at the graduate level. However, some schools have bachelor's degree and pre-pharmacy programs for undergraduates. The pharmacy programs at University of Toledo, the University of Mississippi, the University of Texas, and Ohio State University have all been highly ranked for 2017 by U.S. News and World Report.

University of Toledo in Ohio

The University of Toledo's School of Pharmacy was ranked 60th among top pharmacy schools in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for 2017. The school offers a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in pharmacy administration. Students learn about the business of healthcare and take classes in economics, marketing, accounting, and finance. Research opportunities for undergraduate pharmacy students at the University of Toledo include programs to help develop new therapies in the treatment of psychiatric disorders, inflammatory and autoimmune problems, exposure-based developmental disorders, and diabetes. Graduates may go on to a position as a pharmacy store or regional manager, or the director of a hospital's pharmacy department.

At the graduate level, students can enroll in a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences program with a concentration in pharmacy healthcare administration. Students can learn to make efficient and effective decisions regarding pharmaceutical care. They also become familiar with the pharmaceutical environment and research procedures while studying administrative pharmacy and quantitative methodology. Additional degree requirements include a research project.

University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi is a 4-year public school that ranked 24th on U.S. News & World Report's list of top pharmacy schools for 2017. For the same year, The Princeton Review named UM one of its best southeastern schools. The University of Mississippi is home to the Pii Center for Pharmaceutical Technology, an organization founded by Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. to advance the research and graduate-level work of pharmaceutical students studying with this university.

The university's School of Pharmacy offers a bachelor's degree in pharmaceutical sciences, which is required for admittance to the school's Pharm.D. program. Once enrolled, students take courses in basic pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics.

At the graduate level, the School of Pharmacy offers a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences program with a concentration in pharmacy administration. Courses include topics in health economics, drug development, statistical software, pharmacoeconomics and pharmacoepidemiology. Students can continue their studies by enrolling in a Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences program with an emphasis on pharmacy administration and specializations in marketing or management. Students take courses in pharmaceutical marketing, drug development, health economics, and healthcare policy, and research, write and defend an original research project.

University of Texas in Austin

The University of Texas at Austin's College of Pharmacy tied for 3rd on U.S. News & World Report's list of top pharmacy schools for 2017. UT's College of Pharmacy partners actively with related organizations from the university to form an interdisciplinary pharmaceutical initiative known as the Cooperative Pharmacy Programs. The College of Pharmacy offers both master's and Ph.D. program in pharmacy administration. Graduates might find positions in pharmaceutical marketing, management, or administration. Programs are research oriented, and graduates of the Ph.D. program often become researchers. The Ph.D. program also allows students to minor in sociology, law, public affairs, business, or another area of interest.

Ohio State University in Columbus

Ohio State University tied for 6th on U.S. News and World Report's 2017 list of top pharmacy schools. OSU has what is known as a Pharmacy House, a residence for undergraduate students considering a degree in pharmacy. The school offers a Bachelor of Science, a Ph.D., and an undergraduate minor in pharmaceutical sciences, as well as a Master of Science in Health-System Pharmacy Administration with a combined residency. Undergraduate students can choose between two pathways that will prepare them for clinical or research careers. Doctoral students may also combine their degree with a Pharm.D. degree.

Top Pharmaceutical Programs

The following schools also offer pharmaceutical science and administration programs:

School Name Distinction Location
Purdue University Pharmacy administration program was the first of its kind in the U.S. West Lafayette, IN
University of Illinois at Chicago Has the Center for Pharmacoeconomic Research, a joint venture of the departments of pharmacy practice and administration Chicago, IL
University of Minnesota School of Pharmacy on the Twin Cities campus ranked third for 2017 by U.S. News & World Report Minneapolis, MN
University of New Mexico Has a postgraduate fellowship that addresses pharmaceutical and regulatory management of multi-location clinical trials Albuquerque, NM
University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy shares facilities with the medicine, nursing, allied health, and public health colleges, providing numerous opportunities for interdisciplinary studies Oklahoma City, OK
University of Wisconsin - Madison U.S. News & World Report ranked the School of Pharmacy as tied for 9th nationally for 2017 Madison, WI

When deciding on a school for a pharmaceutical sciences and administration program, students may consider a school's rankings, as well as what degree levels are available. Many schools offer programs with different pathways or concentrations and combined degree programs.

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