Top Ten Legit Work-from-Home Jobs

With email, video chat and instant messaging, telecommuting has become incredibly easy - and more and more work-from-home jobs are opening up. But how do you tell the real opportunities from Craigslist scams? Read on to discover ten legitimate ways you can earn a living from your living room.

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1. Web Design

If you enjoy computers and have an eye for design, consider becoming a web designer. You'll need to learn computer languages like HTML, CSS and PHP, as well as graphic design applications like Photoshop and Illustrator. You can pick up these skills at most local community colleges.

2. Writing

Do you have a way with words and the ability to craft pithy, attention-grabbing sentences? Turn your talent into a salary by seeking out online writing opportunities. Many companies pay people to write ads, blog or generate SEO-driven copy for their websites. If you also have technical skills, consider looking for technical writing opportunities - your knowledge will be in high demand.

3. Editing

Of course, where there are writers, there must be editors. Some companies hire a separate editing team to manage their online writing staff; others just need outside help to edit publications, brochures and other documents.

4. Marketing

Are you a media maven at the center of your friends' social networks? Try offering e-marketing services. Businesses near and far will seek out your help to promote their brands and maintain their online presences.

5. Data Entry

Data entry is a great work-from-home job for people who are less entrepreneurial. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a resume that demonstrates basic office skills. Once you get hired, your employers will give you detailed instructions and send you all of your work directly.

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6. Virtual Assisting

Many companies are moving to an entirely web-based model, but they still need assistants to manage schedules, coordinate meetings, communicate with clients and be all-around Internet 'gal-Fridays.' This is where the virtual assistant comes in - armed with a computer, Internet connection and mobile phone, you can be the essential backbone of a company's virtual team.

7. Customer Service

While some companies are outsourcing email and phone support to other countries, others have decided to save money and keep things (relatively) local by outsourcing to contract workers. If you have excellent people skills and the confidence to handle even the most disgruntled customers, you can become the go-to source for long distance customer service.

8. Web Business

Do you make something that you just know would sell in the right market? Try launching an e-business. From PayPal to Weebly, there are tons of services that make it easy to launch your own website and start accepting payment for your products. If you need a little help getting going, consider throwing some work to your friend the web designer.

9. Online Auctions

If you spend every weekend treasure hunting at garage sales, or have recently inherited someone's priceless baseball card collection, you may find online auctions to be surprisingly lucrative. The overhead is low and you can find a buyer for almost anything online.

10. Mystery Shopping

Mystery shoppers have long been employed by 'brick and mortar' businesses, but now they're becoming increasingly popular for online businesses as well. Companies will pay mystery shoppers up to $100 per assignment to pose as regular customers and offer critiques on customer service, store products and website usability. Some mystery shoppers will also work as survey-takers and focus group participants - anything that helps a business refine its products and services.

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