TUITION WON'T STOP ME Winner Uses Scholarship to Avoid Student Loan Debt just wrapped up our first Tuition Won't Stop Me scholarship. We are very excited to announce our winner Wilhelmina Witt from Tabor College. Read on to learn how this scholarship will help Wilhelmina reach her goals.

Congratulations to Tabor College student Wilhelmina Witt, the winner of our Tuition Won't Stop Me scholarship! When Wilhelmina started college she had a goal to not go into debt, and the $2,496.50 from will help make that a reality.

Graduating With Zero Debt

Tuition Winner

'I had a goal when I started college that I did not want to go into debt. I'd seen lots of people have bad things happen because they were in debt all the time, so right off the bat I said that I was not going to get into debt.' To help her save money, Wilhelmina also took CLEP exams for several classes, allowing her to skip paying for nearly a whole year's worth of classes. 'CLEP exams are a lifesaver. I took a bunch of tests to get college credit instead of taking the classes.' Approaching her final year of college she stated, 'I'd saved up a lot of money, but because it's coming close to my senior year I'm going to be out of money in the next couple of months. This scholarship really came just at the right time.'

Using Knowledge to Help Her Home State wanted to know students' biggest dreams and how they will use their education to make it come true. Wilhelmina's winning answer was: I aspire to become a leader on the frontier of sustainable farming. Since farmers grow the majority of the world's food, it is extremely important that farmland and related ecosystems are cared for responsibly. Environmental biology, my chosen field of study, is all about the stewardship of these and other natural resources.

After college, Wilhelmina envisions herself going back to her home state of Michigan and being able to help local farmers. 'I've seen that sustainability and organic agriculture has become more of a trend in my area, so I want to go back and use what I've learned here at college to integrate that more into the farms around my area. A lot of the farms in that area are struggling and a lot of them are going out of business. I think that if I can learn practical uses of sustainable agriculture, we could build up the soil which is poorly degraded in our area and then also help farmers out at the same time.'

Wilhelmina will be able to use the $2,496.50 to finish up college and then head home to bring her dreams to fruition. wishes her the best of luck!

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