Universities Offering Distance Education IT & Management Programs

Various public and private schools offer online programs for those interested in information technology (IT) and management. Options are available at the bachelor's and master's levels.

There are numerous types of IT and Management programs available online. Interested students should have a clear idea of what concentration or specialization they would like to pursue, while also considering if it is available entirely online, or if the program requires on-campus visits in conjunction with online coursework. Read on for more information regarding program, degree, and schooling options.

How to Select an Online IT and Management School

A degree program in IT and management is designed to give students the skills and tools they need to manage employees and oversee the operation of computer networks and other systems. Degree focus and methods vary depending on the program, and students should choose a degree that fits their needs.

Degree Specificity and Career Direction

Degrees in information technology and management have different focuses and should be chosen based on a student's career goals. Some programs teach students network and database administration and how networks can be managed. Other programs are designed to teach students about both computer systems and retail or business management. These are two major examples of the many variations available in IT and management programs.

Program Format and Method

Some online degree programs are designed around a standard college credit format. Others are more fluid, teaching an entire degree program as a single unit and measuring students' progress via assessments and tests. College credits are not awarded, but upon completion of the program, students are awarded the degree that they are pursuing. Programs also range from traditional schedules that require students to turn in assignments on time and possibly even attend live video lectures to those that have no specific assignment due dates, and often only a date by which all material must be submitted. In choosing a degree students should compare their options among available schools to find the one that best fits their learning style and schedules.

IT and Management Program Offerings

Bachelor of Information Technology & Management

A bachelor's degree in information technology and management is designed to give students a broad base of knowledge about current computer technology. Some programs focus on the administration and management of networks, while others are aimed primarily at giving students the skills they need to manage the team. Programs are normally offered via integrated education software that combines e-mail, message boards, graded assessment, and at times voice or video communication. Coursework often includes:

  • Introduction to business
  • Project management
  • Leadership and supervision
  • Web fundamentals
  • Business math applications

Master of Information Technology & Management

Master's degrees in information technology and management are usually offered in a flexible continuing education format to allow students to pursue both work and their personal lives while still studying. Normally, master's degrees in information technology and management, while still focusing on the technical side of a degree, tend to emphasize leadership and management more than undergraduate degrees. Some of these programs are offered as MBA (Master of Business Administration) degrees. Areas of study include:

  • Data-driven decision making
  • IT project management
  • Global economics for managers
  • Organizational management and leadership
  • Managing human capital

Schools with Online Programs in IT Management

At the bachelor's level, Central Washington University offers an entirely online Information Technology and Administrative Management program. This program requires applicants to have already achieved a 2-year transferrable associate's degree or have a bachelor's degree in any discipline in order to qualify for admission. A summer internship is required before graduation.

Western Governors University offers an Information Technology Management Bachelor of Science program, also available entirely online, that is designed for working professionals in the field or students who have already begun their studies. This program requires students to devote about 15 hours per week to their studies and complete a capstone project before graduating.

Another bachelor's degree option is offered by the Illinois Institute of Technology. Their IT Entrepreneurship and Management program is available partially online and prepares students for careers as IT Managers, project leaders, and information systems and technology managers.

For students who are interested in obtaining a master's degrees, Western Governors University offers an entirely online MBA in Information Technology Management program. This program also requires that students complete a capstone project before graduating. The Illinois Institute of Technology also offers a Master of Information Technology and Management program, which can be completed online either full-time or part-time. This program offers a general track of study as well as 11 different concentrations that students can choose from, such as data management and software development.

Students interested in online programs in IT and Management should be mindful of a program's online availability along with how much time they wish to devote to their studies. Students enrolling in an online IT and Management program can select from various concentrations, or pursue a general degree track, depending on academic and career goals.

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