Washington, DC, Career Outlook & Overview of Fast Growing Careers

Sep 30, 2019

Among the fastest growing careers in Washington, D.C., are those found in the technology and healthcare industries. Specific job titles include home health aide, computer software engineer and network and computer systems administrator.

If you find yourself looking for work in the D.C. area and happen to be interested in healthcare or technology then you're in luck. Three of the area's fastest growing careers come from these two industries and you can learn about these careers as well as salary information below.

Essential Information

Several types of jobs are predicted to see significant job growth in Washington, D.C., over the next decade or so. Of those considered to be the top as far as growing careers, the technology positions typically require a bachelor's degree, while those seeking to become home health aides generally need only a high school diploma. More details about these job titles, including duties, educational requirements, job outlook and salary can be found below.

Required Education Bachelor's degree (for computer software engineers and network and computer systems administrators); no formal education needed for home health aides
Other Requirements Certification for home health aides in some states; voluntary certification available for network and computer systems administrators
Projected Job Growth (2018-2028)* 36% for home health aides; 21% for software developers; 5% for network and computer systems administrators
Median Salary (2018)* $24,200 for home health aides; $103,620 for software developers--applications; $82,050 for network and computer systems administrators

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Career Options

Careers in technology and healthcare are typically among the most fastest growing across the U.S., and this is reflected in statistics for these positions in Washington, D.C. Other areas of interest that could see rising job growth rates in this areas include education and business.

Computer Software Engineers

Computer applications software engineers construct computer programs that fit a user's specialized needs and create programs for general use. They improve current software programs and troubleshoot problems. They also build software systems, analyze system capacities and requirements and inform clients about the software programs and systems.

Computer systems software engineers build and synchronize computer systems for organizations. They customize the computer system according to each department's needs or adjust current software and systems to perform better. Additionally, software engineers interact with clients to explain their computer programs and systems and ensure security.

Job Outlook and Salary Information

The BLS reports that salaries for computer software engineers varies depending on what types of software one develops. For instance, systems software engineers earned a median salary of $110,000 in May 2018, while those developing applications were paid a median annual wage of $103,620. In contrast, systems software engineers working in Washington D.C. earned a median salary of $121,250 annually and applications software engineers $131,790 per year.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Computer network systems are developed and managed by network and computer systems administrators. They ensure access for all network users and do maintenance to improve performance. They also test Internet performance and fix any problems. They recover information from computer crashes, back up data, apply network security protection and monitor performance.

Job Outlook and Salary Information

The BLS reported an average annual salary of $82,050 for network and computer systems administrators nationwide in May 2018. Professionals in Washington D.C. earned a higher average salary of $92,750. A job growth rate of 5% for this group across the U.S. is predicted by the BLS for the decade between 2018-2028.

Home Health Aides

The second fastest-growing job in Washington D.C. is that of home health aide, which is expected to see growth of 36% between 2018 and 2028, according to CareerOneStop. Home health aides visit patients at home or in health facilities to assist them with individualized health care. They ensure that patients receive the appropriate care recommended by their doctor or health care provider. Home health aides might help patients receive the proper medications and eat a proper diet. They help patients who have mobility problems run errands, move around the house or get exercise. Home health aides check patients' vitals and record any changes in their conditions. They also provide companionship by reading books, playing games and providing conversation.

Job Outlook and Salary Information

The national average salary for home health aides in May 2018 was $24,200 annually, according to the BLS. Home health aides in the Washington, D.C. earned a higher median salary of $30,100. A growing demand for in-home care as the population ages is the main factor for a large job growth rate expected in this field. The nationwide rate according to the BLS is 36%.

Now that you've read through some basic information about three hot careers in the D.C. area you'll be more able to make an informed decision about your career choices. Whether you've lived in the area all your life and just need a career change or you're new to the area, the information in this article gives you a snapshot of three promising careers in the area.

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