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Essential Information

A diploma in web design can be earned entirely online. These programs offer basic training in website development, including working with software and determining the best design to suit a site's purpose. A diploma in website design is often required for entry-level positions in the industry, while a bachelor's degree is usually needed for higher positions. There are also undergraduate programs in graphic design and web development that include courses in web design.

Courses in a website design program generally include color theory, typography and graphics. Students learn about the languages used in building a website, such as HTML. An online program in web design requires students to have access to specific computer hardware and software, such as a color printer, scanner and photo editing programs.

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Diploma Programs in Web Design

The curriculum in an online web design diploma program combines both technical and creative coursework. Students learn the basic skills needed to develop a website or page, including HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and other programming languages. They explore design fundamentals and typography to learn to create a website that is both functional and appealing to viewers. Learners examine web design basics and gain experience working with common software programs used in the industry. Web design programs may also be found online as part of graphic design programs.

Information and Requirements

All of the coursework in these diploma programs can be completed online. Students may finish the program in less than two years; however, their course load during each term affects how long the course of study takes to complete. Courses are conducted in a schools' virtual classroom or course management system, which allows students to take tests, complete assignments and engage in discussions with classmates.

Each school offering the online program sets its own requirements for computer hardware and software. High-speed internet connections may not be required but are often recommended. In addition to office applications software, students in a web design program may need a color printer, color scanner, digital camera, CD/DVD burner and design software, such as Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Flash.

Course Topics

General education coursework is typically not a major component of diploma programs. However, schools offering web design programs may require students to complete courses in English, communications and math. Having proficiency in these areas is important for working in web design. The majority of the curriculum centers on website development, design and security considerations.


The course teaches students about type categories, font families and typography history. They learn how to choose appropriate type styles or fonts that complement a specific design goal.

Color Theory

Students explore additive and subtractive color, harmony and contrast, as well as the aesthetic and psychological principles of color. They find out how to make effective color decisions using graphic design software.

Web Authoring

Students use HTML and scripting languages to create web pages. They learn how to incorporate elements that make these pages interactive as well.

Career Information

Graduates with a web design diploma may work for firms involved in website development and design. As of October 2016, Salary.com reports that web designers earn a median annual salary of $71,574. They may opt to pursue a position in graphic design as well. Although graphic design includes print projects and may require a higher education, skills in web design are increasingly important for landing a job. According to 2015 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers earned a median wage of $46,900 annually (www.bls.gov).

Continuing Education Information

Those with diplomas may start out working as an assistant or in another lower-level position; a bachelor's degree is often needed to work as a graphic designer. Multiple schools have relevant bachelor's programs in web design, graphic design and web development available.

Aspiring web page designers can get the training they need for an entry-level position in the field by earning an online diploma in the field. These programs provide an introduction to the fundamental concepts of information technology and graphic design.

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