Accelerated Graduate Nursing Programs

Oct 07, 2019

Registered Nurses (RNs) are always in demand due to the vital role they play in the healthcare industry, whether it be saving lives, supporting doctors or representing patients. With the healthcare industry constantly evolving, accelerated graduate nursing programs have become more available. Listed below is the program information, typical coursework, and general admittance requirements.

Accelerated Graduate Nursing Program Information

Accelerated graduate nursing programs cover an extended amount of material within a short time frame, allowing students to complete their master's degree in nursing in as little as 4 semesters. Students can obtain a Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) through a number of different programs that will prepare future nurses in careers such as nurse practitioners and healthcare executives. Students who have a bachelor's in an unrelated field can pursue a Master's Entry to Nursing Practice (MENPs), an Accelerated Master's Program for Non-Nurses (AMPNN) or an Accelerated Masters in Nursing Pathway (AMNP), amongst others. The curriculum combines coursework from both a bachelor's and master's program in nursing, ultimately preparing students to take the test to become an RN, called the NCLEX-RN. In addition to the general coursework provided below, students are also required to include clinical practice hours.

Nursing Management

Students will learn the foundations of nursing--both psychological and physiological. This course teaches students the general concepts of working in a team environment under different departments. Students will become familiar with nursing management in a diverse professional atmosphere, preparing them for careers as nurse practitioners.


This course goes over research dynamics and clinical decisions in the realm of pharmacology. Specifically, students will be taught how drugs move and transport throughout the body (i.e. pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics). Pharmacology aims to study the effects of drugs on both animals and humans, including their toxicology and therapeutic uses.

Health Assessment

Often used as a foundational course for nursing skills, health assessment courses cover topics in physical examinations and patient medical history. Students will learn how to evaluate patient profiles and study systems within the body. This course prepares students for working with the general public on health evaluations.

Mental Health

Students will learn about the various ways to treat mental illnesses, as well as using pharmacological knowledge to administer relevant treatment. In addition, this course outlines the research aspect of psychiatric nursing and how to interpret that data. Similar to other courses, students will learn the practice of working with different backgrounds of people with disabilities.


Pathophysiology studies the treatment and diagnosis of injury and diseases across the lifespan. Students will develop critical thinking skills and learn to evaluate patients from different perspectives. This course is a stepping stone for graduates who want to pursue critical care nursing.

Accelerated Masters of Science in Nursing Admittance Requirements

In order to qualify for direct entry into an accelerated graduate nursing program, the student must have obtained a bachelor's degree (either in nursing or non-related, depending on the program) with at least a 3.0. Generally speaking, these accelerated programs can take up to three years to complete. Other requirements include letters of recommendation, a resume, college transcripts, pre-requisite courses (biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physics), letter of interest and in some cases, GRE scores.

Due to increasing medical demands, pursuing higher-level nursing degrees offers the satisfaction of contributing to a growing medical field. Whether you have a bachelor's in nursing or an unrelated degree, accelerated graduate nursing programs are available nationwide to prepare students from all backgrounds to enter fields in both private practices and hospital environments.

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