Agreeable Personality Jobs

Jan 19, 2020

One trait of the Big Five personality theory is that of agreeableness, which typically indicates the desire to put others before oneself. Learn about some of the available jobs for this personality type, as well as their median salaries.

Career Options for Agreeable Personality

People with agreeable personalities tend to be helpful, warm, and considerate, and they like to keep the peace and work well with others. Many careers across various fields could benefit from an agreeable personality, as well as being a good fit for those who score high in agreeableness. Explore a small sampling of good career options for those with an agreeable personality.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Registered Nurses $71,730 12%
Mental Health Counselors $44,630 22%
Lodging Managers $53,390 1%
Human Resources Specialists $60,880 5%
Elementary School Teachers $58,230 3%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Agreeable Personality Jobs

Registered Nurses

Agreeable personalities could make some of the best nurses, since these professionals constantly help and care for their patients. It also helps to be warm and friendly, since nurses interact with the patient and the patient's family to help explain various medical procedures and treatments and answer any questions they may have. Registered nurses perform a wide range of medical tasks, including recording medical histories, administering medication, performing diagnostic tests and observing patients after procedures. All registered nurses need to have a license, but their education can be through a diploma, associate's or bachelor's degree program.

Mental Health Counselors

Someone with an agreeable personality may enjoy a career as a mental health counselor, in which they'd help clients work through various conflicts and problems. These counselors are trained to evaluate the mental health of their clients, create treatment goals with the client and then begin helping the client process through their emotional or relational issues. Mental health counselors may work with groups, individuals, couples or even families to address issues like grief, stress, depression, anxiety and more. Most of these professionals need to complete an internship and hold a master's degree.

Lodging Managers

A warm and friendly person with an agreeable personality who likes to put others first could make a good lodging manager, since these professionals ensure that people who stay at their establishment have everything they need and enjoy their stay. This requires lodging managers to make sure that the facilities are clean, employees are well-trained in customer service and any questions or concerns from a guest are addressed. They are also responsible for setting prices, coordinating the front-office, hiring and training staff and maintaining financial records. Lodging managers may have an associate's or bachelor's degree in the field or hold a high school diploma and have years of work experience.

Human Resources Specialists

Human resources specialists must help new employees and be kind and considerate as they interact with various employees in their organization, which may appeal to someone with an agreeable personality. They are usually responsible for recruiting and interviewing new employees and then placing them in a suitable position. These specialists also handle most of the employee relations and training, as well as administrative duties like maintaining employment records. They need at least a bachelor's degree.

Elementary School Teachers

With their warm personalities and desire to help people, a person with an agreeable personality would make a great elementary school teacher. These teachers help young children grow and learn by teaching them basic skills in a variety of subjects, such as reading and math. Elementary school teachers are also responsible for enforcing class rules, supervising children, grading assignments and communicating with parents about a student's progress. These teachers have to have at least a bachelor's degree, and those in public schools need a state license or certification.

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