Amiable Personality Type Careers

Jan 18, 2020

Those with an amiable personality type are supportive, helpful, and caring, and they thrive in careers that offer less stress and minimal decision-making. Learn about five such careers, and get details about educational requirements, salaries, and job projections.

Career Options for Amiable Personality Types

Those with an amiable personality type are supportive, helpful, and caring. Amiable personality types can capitalize on their supportive nature by choosing a career well-suited to who they are. If you have an amiable personality type, one of the careers highlighted below may be what you looking for.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Cashier $22,430 -4%
Administrative Assistant $38,880 (for all secretaries & administrative assistants) -7% (for all secretaries & administrative assistants)
Elementary School Teacher $58,230 (for all elementary school teachers, except special education) 4% (for all elementary school teachers, except special education)
Career Counselor $56,310 (for all school & career counselors) 8% (for all school & career counselors)
Massage Therapist $41,420 22%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Amiable Personality Types


As a cashier, you will get to interact with customers in a friendly and supportive role that is less demanding than a leadership role. You will have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, including department stores, restaurants, and food retailers. Your primary responsibility will be to check out customers when they are ready to purchase goods or services. Other responsibilities may include answering questions about the store and assisting customers with their exchanges and returns. As a cashier, there are no set educational requirements, although a high school diploma is beneficial. Many cashiers undergo a training program once they are hired.

Administrative Assistant

Someone with an amiable personality type would be well-suited for an administrative assistant career, where they can provide support to either an individual or a team and ensure everything runs smoothly. Administrative assistants' duties include greeting customers in-person or via telephone, managing schedules, assisting with business correspondence, and planning company meetings or events. Administrative assistants are needed in every line of business and usually work in an office. You will need a high school diploma for an administrative assistant job, and many pursue specialized training depending on the industry they work in.

Elementary School Teacher

An elementary school teacher is a good career choice for someone with an amiable personality because it is a caring, supportive role for young children. As an elementary school teacher, you will develop a curriculum, instruct students on core subjects, and assess students on their in-class performance and homework. Elementary school teachers also interact with parents during open house events and individual parent-teacher conferences. A bachelor's degree in elementary education is required, as well as certification in the state you are employed in.

Career Counselor

As a career counselor, you will serve as a resource for students and adults by helping them take their passions and skills and find the best career option. Career counselors do so by learning about their clients, administering tests, and providing guidance on appropriate careers. You will also prepare clients for the job application process. Career counselors can work in job assistance centers, higher education, or even for the government. You will typically need a master's degree in counseling to work as a career counselor.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists offer a safe, calm environment for clients and provide supportive services like pain management and stress relief. As a massage therapist, you will utilize a client's complaints and medical history to determine the best method of treatment. Massage therapists work with their hands or lotions/oils to offer clients relief from their symptoms. Educational requirements vary for this career; however, a high school diploma is needed for acceptance into a massage therapy program. You may need to be licensed depending on the state you practice in.

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