Application Architect Vs. Technical Architect

Learn details about the differences between application architects who design software and technical architects whose job it is to design the plans for making changes. Read about their salaries, career growth, and main responsibilities.

Comparing Application Architects to Technical Architects

We live in the information technology age. This means positions in IT will only grow, and this is true for application architects and technical architects. These careers are similar, but it is important to note that technical architects design plans for making changes to the technological infrastructure, while application architects design the software.

Job Title Educational Requirements Median Salary (2017)* Job Growth (2014-2024)**
Application Architects Bachelor's Degree $106,968 18% (Software developers, applications)
Technical Architects Bachelor's Degree $110,010 15% (Computer and information systems managers)

Sources: *PayScale, **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Responsibilities of Application Architects vs. Technical Architects

Companies should keep up with the technological age, and application architects and technical architects help them achieve that. Application architects design new programs, websites, and applications that help people interact with the company. Technical architects, however, consider the goals of a company and suggest technology based on those goals. Additionally, application architects are more hands-on with building systems, while technical architects are focused on finding the newest technology.

Application Architects

Companies need someone to analyze their technological needs and create or change the computer applications they use. This requires knowledge of how to write code according to standards and within the company budget. Once the application is created, application architects are responsible for fixing application bugs through troubleshooting. Similarly, by gathering feedback, these technicians maintain company websites to make them more efficient and user friendly.

Job responsibilities of an application architect include:

  • Determining a reasonable cost and deadline for a project
  • Analyzing data to check and maintain system capabilities and find any issues
  • Overseeing a development team to ensure they are meeting standards and deadlines
  • Creating a plan for integrating new applications

Technical Architects

To keep things running smoothly when implementing technology in a company, it helps to have someone communicate between the company management and those who develop the technology. Technical architects do just this. Not only do they research the newest software and hardware to suggest these to managers, they also make sure the technology is designed with the company in mind. To build a plan for creating and implementing the new technology, these professionals consider a schedule, cost, and the optimal design team.

Job responsibilities of a technical architect include:

  • Creating training material for the technical staff of a company
  • Assessing the benefits of integrating new technology to more easily justify the cost
  • Planning the installation of hardware and software to cause minimal disruption to regular business
  • Getting the best deals on hardware and software from vendors

Related Careers

Because you expressed interest in a career as an application architect, you may want to look into a job as a computer hardware engineer, as they both deal with the inner workings of electronics. On the other hand, if a position as a technical architect interests you, you may also like a career as a systems analyst, since they both focus on finding the best IT solutions for a company.

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