Architectural Technology Master's Degree

Oct 01, 2019

There are no graduate degree programs that specifically focus on architectural technology, however, several graduate degree programs for architecture will cover the topic or its equivalent.

Architectural technology may not be offered as a stand-alone master's degree program but students who enroll in a Master of Architecture will cover this in their required and elective courses. The courses may deal only with architectural technology or incorporate some elements of design as well. This article will provide information on the courses that are usually offered in master's degree programs related to architectural technology.

Overview of Courses Generally Offered in Master's Degree Programs Related to Architectural Technology

These are a few of the courses that students can generally expect to take when enrolled in a master's degree program related to architectural technology.

Technology in Architecture Courses

While this may not be the full focus of an architecture major, students can expect to take required courses in technology in the world of architecture. Courses that focus on technology will not only look at structures and the technology used to assemble them - both in terms of materials and construction, but courses can also cover the design element, looking at the technology used during this process.

Courses Related to Architecture and the Environment

Architectural developments can have an impact on the environment just as the environment can affect architecture. These kinds of courses will expose students to the policies and investments that must be considered with architecture. Other topics that will be covered include the consumption of energy, production technologies, and waste management.

Courses Detailing the History of Architecture

These kinds of courses are meant to teach students about the evolution of architecture over time and the influence historical designs have on modern ones. Depending on the course, students may cover time periods such as the renaissance and the 1960s. Students will also look at modern architecture and the different types of designs that were influenced by the past.

Courses Focused on Design through Computing Software

In courses like these, students will learn about computer software programs that can be used in the field of architecture. These courses may need the students to attend specific laboratories in order to use computers with the software they need. While doing these courses, students will learn how to adhere to the specifications for the design.

Courses Focused on Urbanism

Urbanism focused courses will generally include some amount of design and as such may be more hands-on than a lecture. Students will learn about the theoretical aspects of designing an urban space before applying what they have learned. At the practical level, students will be expected to design a space based on instructions from their teacher.

Courses Focused on Project Visualization

When enrolled in an architecture-based program, students will need to be able to not only design a product but use tools to visualize what they're working on. These types of courses will teach students about the tools available for their use and how to create a prototype. Some courses will also include marketing strategies and guidance on taking a product from the prototype stage to production.

General Admission Requirements for Master's Degree Programs Related to Architectural Technology

In order to be considered for a master's program related to architectural technology, applicants must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. While it's preferable in some cases for the applicant to have previous knowledge of art, science architectural history and calculus, certain programs may provide prerequisite courses that cover that information. When applying for master's programs, prospective students may also need to submit letters of recommendation or contact information for references, a statement of intent, a writing sample, school transcripts, passing scores on the GRE exam and passing scores on an English Language proficiency exam (non-native English speakers). Applicants may also need to submit a portfolio of their work which may be required in hard copy, a PDF file or an online link.

Master's degree programs tend not to focus solely on architectural technology but encompass this as part of a larger study of architecture. Students can cover architectural technology or its equivalent throughout their coursework.

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