Army Civilian Finance Jobs

For civilians who are interested in working with the Army without having to enlist, there are a number of job opportunities within the Army that are open to civilians. At the moment, finance-related civilian jobs in the Army are in high-demand and there are a number of different job openings for individuals who have the proper educational background and training. We will explore a few of these career possibilities below.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2016-2026)* Applicable Military Skills/Traits**
Auditor $68,150 (for all auditors and accountants) 10% (for all auditors and accountants) Mathematical skills, organizational skills, detail-oriented, analytical thinking
Economist $101,050 6% Critical thinking and analytical skills, problem-solving, financial analysis, knowledge of economic theory and methods
Military Pay Technician $42,390 (for all payroll and timekeeping clerks) -1% (for all payroll and timekeeping clerks) Organizational skills, detail-oriented
Financial Management Analyst $81,760 11% Management ability, financial analysis, communication skills
Budget Analyst $73,840 7% Analytical thinking, problem-solving, mathematical ability

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, **

Relevance to Military Background

Because these jobs are open to civilians, no former military training or experience is necessary when applying. We will look at these careers in greater detail below, exploring the various job responsibilities and duties related to each career choice and the necessary educational requirements to be eligible for each job.


As an auditor for the U.S. Army, you will be responsible for providing auditing and other financial services. Some of your duties may include analyzing financial documents and data to make sure all numbers and figures are correct and in order, ensuring that the department is operating legally by following all the relevant regulations and laws, and preparing various reports and documents to present findings regarding the department's financial health and any weaknesses. To be eligible for this position, you must possess a bachelor's degree in a relevant field like accounting, finance, or business administration. The position may also be open to individuals who have work experience in accounting and auditing with a non-related bachelor's degree.


Working as an economist for the Army will involve providing the economic and financial analysis for various research projects. Economists will provide their expertise in areas like econometric modeling, risk-cost analysis, statistical analysis, and input-output analysis in order to determine the viability and effectiveness of projects and studies. They may serve as field managers and develop various procedures and methods to be used in the field and share the outcomes of their studies through written research papers or at professional conferences and meetings. To become an economist for the Army, you will generally need to possess a bachelor's degree in economics or a related degree in addition to having work experience in the economics field.

Military Pay Technician

As a military pay technician, you will generally be in charge of leading a staff that primarily handles payment for military members. As you may be responsible for the payment of a large number of individuals, it is key that you are able to develop a strong organizational system and be comfortable with using electronic means of processing and preparing documents. Having work experience in a related field to finance may be helpful in becoming a military pay technician.

Financial Management Analyst

As a financial management analyst in the military, you will be responsible for setting financial goals for whatever department you work for and developing procedures and plans to help accomplish these goals. You may be responsible for assessing the financial health of your office or the Army in general by doing questionnaires, data mining, and various forms of statistical analysis. To obtain this job, you will generally need a significant amount of specific finance-related experience, as a bachelor's degree alone is not sufficient.

Budget Analyst

Budget analysts in the military perform many of the same duties and have the same responsibilities as budget analysts who work for private organizations and companies. They track the overall spending of the Army or a particular part of the Army to make sure they are staying within a predetermined budget. They also may be involved in the development of the budget by analyzing spending and how much money is allocated to the Army by the federal government. Prospective analysts will generally need a bachelor's degree in a field like accounting, economics, or business, along with work experience.

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