Artificial Intelligence Programmer: Job Description & Salary

May 31, 2020

Career Definition of an Artificial Intelligence Programmer

An artificial intelligence programmer helps develop operating software that can be used for robots, artificial intelligence programs or other artificial intelligence applications. They may work closely with electrical engineers or robotics engineers and others in order to produce systems that utilize artificial intelligence. This refers to the capability of adapting or changing based on adding data. It may also mean programming a system to look for or seek out specific conditions and respond based on those factors. For example, their programming may enable robots to learn to interact with other robots or work together collaboratively. Other systems they program may be designed to take specific actions only under certain conditions.

Artificial intelligence programmers specialize in developing the software for robots and systems. Many people experience the results of the work of artificial intelligence programmers every day through search engine results. They can help search engines make conclusions about the information a person is really looking for even if they've made spelling mistakes. Artificial intelligence programmers also work on things like video games, facial recognition software and military weapons.

Educational Requirements Bachelor's Degree
Job Skills Computer skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, mathematical skills
Median Salary (2019)* $107,510 (software developers)
Job Outlook (2018-2028)* 21% (software developers)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Required Education

Artificial intelligence programmers must have a bachelor's degree to pursue entry-level work in their field. Common fields of study include computer science, artificial intelligence, robotics and engineering. Artificial intelligence programmers should acquire training and experience with programming languages, such as Java and LISP. Related studies in psychology and philosophy are also recommended.

Required Skills

Artificial intelligence programmers have to perform calculations and need to have good mathematical skills to do so. They also need computer skills so that they can design and develop relevant software. Communication skills are important for artificial intelligence programmers because they must be able to clarify their objectives to others in their team, and they may be responsible for supervising other programmers as part of their duties. They might face unique challenges in their work so they also need to have good problem-solving skills.

Salary and Career Outlook

Specific statistics for artificial intelligence programmers are not available, but these professionals may be classified as software developers. The BLS reports that as of 2019, software developers received median annual income of $107,510. The BLS indicated software developers would see a 21% rate of job growth in their field from 2018 to 2028.

Related Careers

Those interested in becoming artificial intelligence programmers may also be interested in careers in electrical engineering, machine learning or computer programming. More information about these careers is available through the following links.

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