Athletic Administration Graduate Certificate Programs

Nov 02, 2019

If you're interested in the business and administration side of sports, you may consider a graduate certificate in athletic administration. Learn about the common coursework and entrance requirements for athletic administration graduate certificate programs.

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Athletic administration is a field of study that focuses on how to best manage sports organizations and facilities. A graduate certificate in athletic administration could help you in a career as a recreation director, an athletic director, or a sports center owner. In this article, we will explore athletic administration graduate certificate programs, covering possible coursework and explaining how you can apply to one of these programs.

Graduate Certificate Programs in Athletic Administration

Athletic administration graduate certificate programs could require anywhere from 4-6 total classes depending on your chosen program; there are usually no thesis or final project requirements for these programs. Although your exact coursework will vary by university, below, you can find some common courses, topics, and subjects that may make up your athletic administration graduate certificate program.

Managing Sport Facilities and Special Events

One possible course you may take for your athletic administration graduate certificate could center on the topic of managing sports venues, facilities, and events. In this class, you may study the construction of sports facilities and how best to run and maintain the daily operations of such facilities. You could also learn about the different factors that go into planning sports and special events, including covering topics about budgeting, marketing, and managing personnel.

Sports Law

Sports law is a class that typically centers on the different laws and legal issues that affect and apply to athletics, sports management, and physical education. Possible topics that you could cover in this course include laws related to discrimination, contract law, labor laws, tort and trademark law, and administrative law. You might also study that the liability factors that apply to coaches, administrators, and physical educators.

Sports Marketing

Learning how to plan and promote sporting events is another topic you may cover in your athletic administration graduate certificate program. Generally, a course of this type will delve into the fundamentals and principles of marketing, applying those concepts to sports promotion. You may focus on how to generate ticket sales, use e-commerce techniques, develop sponsorships, and enact licensing agreements. You may also learn how to develop marketing for different types of sporting levels, including professional, interscholastic, and intercollegiate sports.

Sports Financial Management

You could also take a course that focuses on the financial side of operating sports programs, facilities, and organizations with the goal of making you an effective and knowledgeable financial manager. Some topics you could study include budgeting, accounting systems, and financial strategy. You could also study different revenue acquisition methods that help finance facilities and sports organizations.

Sports Psychology

Sports psychology is a course that explores theories of psychology and human behavior in the context of sports. Usually, you will study psychology concepts, such as personality, motivation, anxiety, humanism, and aggression, and then apply those concepts to a sports setting. Generally, the aim of this course is to examine the different factors that affect sports performance.

Sports Ethics

Last, you might take a class that explores ethical ways to manage and lead sports organizations. Possible subjects you could learn about are theories of leadership, ways to communicate, motivation strategies, and decision-making skills. You might also study ethical theories, including the code of professional ethics and teleological and deontological theories of ethics. Usually, you will also analyze and examine examples of ethical dilemmas.

Athletic Administration Certificate Program Entrance Information

First, to apply to an athletic administration graduate certificate program, you need have already earned a bachelor's degree (some programs may require a GPA of 2.5 or 3.0.) Also, you will need to submit an application and transcripts, and for some programs, letters of recommendations. In addition, limited programs offer conditional admittance if you don't meet the regular admissions standards. In those cases, you may have to submit letters of recommendations and/or an essay as well.

Athletic administration graduate certificate programs usually consist of around 4-6 courses that touch on all aspects of sports administration, including facilities management, sports ethics, sports law, and even sports psychology.

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