BBA/MBA Dual Degree Programs

Apr 26, 2018

The BBA/MBA dual degree program grants both a bachelor's and master's degree in business administration by introducing students to both undergraduate and graduate coursework that teaches students to manage people, deal with finances, and function within the world of business.

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A BBA/MBA program is a joint program that is meant to take students from their freshman year through to the conclusion of their master's work. Coursework focusing in different areas of management and business may be completed in as little as five years, due to the possibility of fewer credits than usual required in the bachelor's program and/or select graduate courses being waived if you meet specified undergraduate grade requirements.

Coursework for a BBA/MBA

The coursework you take for your BBA/MBA will begin with your freshman classes, which will ask you to complete a four-year business administration program. Afterward, you will need to complete the required graduate coursework to earn your MBA. You'll take courses in many of the following areas:

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting coursework teaches students about balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flow. Students are expected to become more proficient in understanding economic transactions and should be well versed in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. This course also instructs students about the factors that are important when performing a financial statement analysis.

Managerial Economics

A course in managerial economics asks students to learn more about using basic supply and demand analysis. The course draws upon general economic principles, like scarcity, elasticity, and cost, as part of the analysis students are expected to make. Students will also learn about market structures and their correlation with various industries.

Managing People and Organizations

Coursework in this area teaches students about management theory, research, and the application of management principles. Students are expected to become better at performing evaluations in a managerial capacity and overseeing complex organizations. They are also expected to become conscious of the choices they make as managers.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing is a course that deals in the formulation, communication, and execution of strategic plans. The course asks students to consider how they would apply their skills as a general manager. Students must learn about integrating an organization's functions in a unified way that effectively implements an organization's strategy.

Business Ethics

The practice of business from one day to another requires ethical considerations and assumptions. Coursework in business ethics asks students to explore the ethical ideas that are at the core of society and how business integrates those ethics. Participants should learn how to evaluate different ethical ideas, concepts of justice, and the basic theory of ethics in business.

Admissions into a BBA/MBA Program

Admission into a BBA/MBA program is similar to the process all freshmen must go through to be admitted to a university. The program begins with the bachelor portion, so you will need to submit your high school transcripts and either your SAT or ACT scores to the school where you're applying. The minimum scores will vary from one university to another. You may also need to write a personal essay or submit a letter of recommendation from a counselor or teacher. The application process does not require graduate exams, since students begin as freshmen.

Your BBA/MBA program takes you from the bachelor portion through to your master's portion of a business program. As such, you can expect increasingly advanced coursework in areas dealing with finance, economics, the management of people, the development of marketing strategies, and the ethics of your field.

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