Become a Substitute Teacher in Michigan

Jul 24, 2019

Becoming a substitute teacher allows you to teach students on a more limited scale. Follow these steps to become become a substitute teacher in Michigan.

Substitute teachers temporarily take the place of another teacher. This is a great way to either try out teaching or return to teaching on a more limited scale.

Average Salary for Substitute Teachers in Michigan (2018)* $31,930
Required Education At least 60 semester hours in education
Degree Field Education with a focus matching your desired core curriculum
Testing Requirements Varies by permit; Michigan Professional Teaching Certificate or Michigan Advanced Professional Teaching Certificate preferred; proficiency tests

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Step 1: Decide How Long You Want to Teach

All substitute teachers in Michigan need to request a permit from the school of their choice. The time duration for this permit will vary depending on the permit type. There are several kinds of substitute teacher permits: Daily Substitute, Full-Year Basic, Full-Year Shortage and Expert Substitute.

Daily Substitute Permits are used to allow a substitute teacher to occasionally substitute for a teacher who is not available that day. Teachers with this permit may only teach one assignment every 90 days.

Full-Year Basic Permits allow a teacher to take the place of another teacher for up to one school year. You may teach as often as you wish within this year.

A Full-Year Shortage Permit is only allowed when a school has tried to hire a teacher to take a position, but has failed to find anyone qualified. This permit allows a teacher to teach for the remainder of the school year.

Substitute teachers with an Expert Substitute Permit may not teach more than three courses at a time. They also can teach no more than one even day a week. They are brought on mostly to allow for advanced or specialized studies of a single subject area.

Step 2: Complete the Training for Your Permit

Each kind of substitute teacher permit in Michigan requires different levels of training.

Daily Substitute Permits require at least 60 semester hours in educational courses from an accredited college or university. You must past all classes with a 'C' grade or higher.

Basic Yearly Substitute Permits also require at least 60 semester hours passed with a 'C' grade or higher. You will also need to work under a mentor teacher. If you are working in a core discipline such as mathematics, reading, or science, you will be expected to have a corresponding major. If you are not majoring in that discipline, passing a proficiency test is also permitted.

A Full-Year Shortage Substitute Permit requires a teacher to have either a Michigan Professional Teaching Certificate or a Michigan Advanced Professional Teaching Certificate. If working in a core discipline, you will need either a corresponding major or you will need to pass a proficiency test.

Expert Substitute Permits are the most difficult to get. You need to have worked in the field you are teaching for at least five years. If teaching a core discipline, you will need to have either majored in that discipline or will need to pass a proficiency test. You also need a bachelor's degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution. If you are not teaching a core discipline, a bachelor's degree, a business license in your discipline, or 60 semester hours with a 'C' grade or higher are required instead.

Step 3: Apply With a School to Be a Substitute Teacher

Many schools in Michigan advertise open positions via postings on job websites. It is also possible to just call or visit a school and ask if they need substitute teachers. Apply to work with the school of your choice. Show the school your Michigan state-approved credentials and tell them the permit type you desire. The school will look at your credentials and, if you are selected, will apply for the permit for you.

Step 4: Renew Your Substitute Teacher Permit

Daily Substitute Teacher Permits may only be extended, not renewed. All extensions are approved by the state superintendent. You will be required to have at least 60 semester hours passed with a 'C' grade or higher. Upon satisfactory performance, you will be issued a mentor teacher. The length of the extension varies depending upon the situation.

Basic Yearly Substitute Permits may be renewed up to three times. You will need to have either effective or highly effective ratings. You also will be asked to certify as a regular teacher in Michigan. Alternatively, gain at least six semester credits before your renewal date to be eligible to renew again.

Full-Year Shortage Substitute Permits can only be renewed if you have gotten highly effective or effective ratings. They may be renewed up to three times.

Expert Substitute Permits may be renewed if you are rated effective or highly effective in your assigned area. You may be assigned a mentor teacher, but this is optional.

Step 5: Continue Studying

Are you thinking of becoming a substitute teacher in Michigan? Try some of these courses to help you along your way:

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